Reoger Clemens and his future Jail Cell

August 31, 2010 | John West


There is a story out there about something OJ Simpson said after he was found guilty in Las Vegas and sentenced to something like 9 years in jail. Apparently, the prosecutors in that case went to OJ and offered him a plea deal. This deal would have sent OJ to jail for 3 to 6 months and would have had several years on probation. OJ said no, that he wasn’t taking any deal that included jail time.

Apparently, after he was found guilty and subsequently sentenced, OJ said “I’d like that deal now”

I am reminded of this story when I read about Roger Clemens. As we all know, Roger was one of the greatest intimidators on the mound. There wasn’t anything in baseball he couldn’t intimidate. He used this personality to win 7 Cy Young’s and go down as one of the best pitchers of all time.

He also lied to Congress about using performance enhancing drugs (PED’s). The Government knows this, and they are not happy. Let’s face it, looking into a camera and essentially telling me that he didn’t use PED’s isn’t against the law, but the Feds take this stuff pretty seriously. And they cannot be intimidated.

This story will be interesting, up to a point, then it will become very very sad. You see, Roger Clemens has decided to go to jail. Actually, he has decided to stay with his lie all the way to the end. The Feds will put him in jail and after Roger Clemens is sentenced, he will turn to his attorney and ask “Can I take that plea offer now?”

The answer is NO!!!!