Baltimore’s Least Fovorite Teams

October 01, 2008 |

I have noticed a key thing since I have been blogging on this site. The Baltimore sports fan likes to root for other teams to lose as much as they root for the local teams to win. I think Ravens fans get almost as much pleasure out of a Steeler, Redskins, or Colts loss as a Ravens win. I also think Oriole fans like Yankee or Red Sox losses as much as O’s wins even if they aren’t playing eachother.This brings up a question that I need your help with. Which team is the most disliked by Baltimore sports fans? Here are the candidates as I see them. You can either rank them or just tell me your #1 seed.

I think the list includes in no particular order, Yankees, Steelers, Red Sox, Colts. Redskins, Duke Basketball, UVA football, Milwaukee Wave, Patriots, and UNC basketball. There may be others but I think those are the big ones.

If could only root against one of these teams which one would it be?