April 26, 2011 | Shawn Credle

UPDATE – Results of the 2011 WWE Draft:

1. JOHN CENA TO SMACKDOWN: This selection as the first pick of the Draft shocked everyone, as many thought that if this were to happen, it would have been the last pick of the night. Turns out that everyone was right (more to come later).

2. REY MYSTERIO TO RAW: WWE decided to try the Mysterio/RAW marriage once again. The first time they tried in 2008, it didn’t go very well. The Hispanic audience loved SmackDown, and loved watching Rey Mysterio on it. WWE just signed a new Hispanic Superstar that they see will take the place of Mysterio. Because of that, what happens later in the draft is in direct response to this.

3. RANDY ORTON TO SMACKDOWN: With Edge retiring, it was expected that either John Cena or Randy Orton was going to SmackDown. But not both. At this point in the draft, that is exactly what happened. SmackDown has never been considered as the dominate brand. With Orton and Cena on SmackDown, it suddenly became just that. However, that wouldn’t last long.

4. MARK HENRY TO SMACKDOWN: Henry has been basically non-existent on Raw. A move to SmackDown was needed for Henry. In years past, SmackDown has provided Henry a chance to shine, and even main event on occasion. With this trade, and heel turn (which occurred during the main event of Raw Monday night), Henry will get another chance to shine.

5. SIN CARA TO SMACKDOWN: As stated above, the Hispanic audience loves SmackDown. Now, SmackDown has the biggest Superstar from Mexico. The move will also give the production staff a better way to showcase Sin Cara. The Mexican Superstar is still not comfortable in a WWE ring. The production crew can now edit any mistakes made until Sin Cara is able to perform flawlessly in that ring.

6. BIG SHOW TO RAW: Very interesting pick here as one-half of the WWE Tag Team Champions has been drafted. Will that mean that the other half (Kane) will be drafted in the Supplemental Draft as well? And, if not, what is the status of the WWE Tag Team Championship? Right now, the Tag Champs can appear on both brands. But, if the lineup stays the same, once Kane & The Big Show lose the titles, they will split as team.

7. ALBERTO DEL RIO TO RAW: SmackDown’s #1 Bad Guy is on Raw. And that’s bad news for him, as he will get lost in the “heel” shuffle, with CM Punk and WWE Champion The Miz already there. Maybe the Supplemental Draft will send one of these three to SmackDown.

8. JOHN CENA TO RAW: For the first time, a Superstar has been drafted twice. As a member of the SmackDown roster, Cena was eligible to be drafted back to Raw. However, with it never happening before, the expectation was that someone else would get drafted. That didn’t happen here. This move has left fans wondering why did they waste two picks on Cena in the first place. In 2004, Triple H was drafted to SmackDown. He was traded back for Booker T and The Dudley Boyz. The WWE Creative staff could have done the same scenario here, and it would have come off better than having Cena being drafted, only to return two hours later.

Christian stands to benefit the most here, as his opponent, Alberto Del Rio, was drafted to Raw. With no one from the WWE Title match (Miz, Cena, and Morrison) drafted to SmackDown, The creative team may have shown its’ hand here. A big swerve could be planned too. But expect Christian to walk out of Extreme Rules this Sunday, with his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship (unless they actually do a trade, which will send Alberto Del Rio back to SmackDown, just like they did with HHH in 2004).

Overall, this draft, as usual, helped RAW. But, it also helped Randy Orton, as he will be the top guy on SmackDown. Don’t look for him to be the World Champion just yet.