Review of Nationals Park

March 30, 2008 |

Had a chance to check out the new Nationals Park last night. It is a very nice facility. The concourse is large with an open view of the field. The seats are dark blue and very comfortable and with cup holders for every seat.   The outside looks very much like the government and office buildings and monuments in Washington. White limestone and glass ring the outside. 
The ushers were very polite and nice, unlike the Communists at another local baseball park. The scoreboard is a monster with great hi-definition resolution, twice the size of Camden Yards. The food was only average; the bread and pretzels were a little stale, and the service was a little slow. There are plenty of food choices inside the stadium, but very little in the surrounding neighborhood as of yet. 
Like St. Louis and Atlanta the park is intended for most of the paying customers to enter via centerfield; a huge courtyard is located inside the park.  
Not sure how the park will play yet.  Last night it played big, but the ‘27 Yankees weren’t batting either last night.   The wind seems like it may have the tendency to blow in from left field.  The park sits at the foot of the Anacostia River. We will probably have to see how it plays in the summer when heat and humidity are factored. 
The park’s major problem is parking–only 1,200 spots, but the Nationals are making the best of the situation by offering free shuttles from the RFK parking lot to the stadium in a coach bus. The parking and the shuttle (seven minutes per trip) are absolutely free.  They are also offering bike parking and the Stadium is easily accessible by DC Metro.