Rick Dempsey, a Hollywood Star? Well not quite…

August 14, 2009 |

How ’bout this little tinsel-town tidbit in from The Sporting News concerning the MASN studio analyst and ’83 World Series MVP:

“Columbia Pictures and Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions have acquired an untitled script for a comedy based on an incident in the life of former major-leaguer Rick Dempsey, whose Little League coach turned out to be a bank robber, Daily Variety reported.  The script, written with input from Dempsey, is ‘Catch Me if you Can’ meets ‘Bad News Bears’ with a touch of ‘Bad Santa’, according to one of its writers.”

That’s cool, I like those movies.

Question is, I wonder when Dempsey first grew his mustache?  It’d be great to have a 12-year old actor playing a young Dempsey… wearing a nice, thick upper-lip toupee.