Roger Clemens-The GREATEST?

February 24, 2008 |

Recently I heard a sports reporter say that Roger Clemens was the greatest pitcher of all time, I wonder what he had been sniffing, greatest? What about Walter “Big Train”Johnson? how about Christy Mathewison,Cy Young or Lefty Grove? I didn”t see them but when I was growing up I heard a lot about them-all good..When I was growing upit was Bob Feller, Virgil “Fire” Trucks, Mike Garcia, Early Wynn, “Prince” Hal Newhouser,Don Newcombe,Jim Palmer,Whitey Ford Allie”Chief” Reynolds and who can forget Spahn,
Sain and rain!…Tho their major league careers were short – Sandy Koufax and Satchel Paige were right there also….Generations may differ but one has to agree that Clemens was far from the greatest!….You can still get Virgil Trucks’ great book by writing to him at Virgil Trucks,1016 Waterford Trail,Calera,Alabama 35040-7613,,,To Rick Crabbe- I had the reverse of your Dundalk-DC relationship, when I was younger I lived in DC and dated a very beautiful girl from Dundalk named Sharon Sanders, I did like Baltimore girls Another who I liked was Carole Stewart….I wonder where Carole and a friend of hers(Margie Jones)
are today? They both went to Western High School in Baltimore and I’d also like to know where Caroles brother(Rick Peake) is today? Did you know that Phyliss
Leftwich of Dundalk was Miss Maryland in 1954…WJ – WJ-A lot of people feel like you do about Marks and I understand a few folks didn’t like her in Miami…Chris Cole was a great woman sports reporter in the B-W area in the 1980’s!…..Also Bevo Shore is still teaching me the facts of Annapolis…To Johnny Rocket-When those DC babes scrub all that Tammy Faye make up off their faces you’ll see what ugly really is! Mayor Hoover is trying to bring Womens pro softball to Emmetisberg.Ironhead is heading up an effort to bring roller derby to Essex. The Washington Nats have a future great pitcher in Ross Detwhiler…..Did The O’s really get two pitchers with problems in those trades with Seattle and Houston?