‘Roids around and around

May 08, 2009 |

As more and more names come out, the more we find out about these “heroes” of MLB.  The latest player, Manny Ramirez, is another on a long list of players who has been forever linked into the steroid era.  And, according to the New York Daily News, another on the long list of clients of Scott Boras.  Of course, we all know about A-Rod and Bonds.  Sheffield says to the BALCO jury that he unknowningly took steroids.  The Mitchell report named Ron Villone, Eric Gagne, and Kevin Brown as steroid participants.  Ivan Rodriguez was named in Jose Canseco’s book…I think we all could of figured that one out…you go from a big, stocky, effective catcher and come back the next year as a short, scrawny washed-up one.  And Scott Schoeneweis and Rick Ankiel had reportedly received supplies from pharmacies.  I wonder what role the agents play in the steriod issue.  Because the players that do steroids are bigger, better and faster.  The better they are, the bigger their contracts get.  The bigger their contracts are, the more money these agents get.

Eventually, there are going to be alot more names that come out (some we’ll expect, others we won’t).  Right now, every year the MLB Hall of Fame voting comes around, they’ll leave out names like McGuire, Clemens, Bonds.  But, when given some time, I think these players will get in.  At first, I said that these players don’t deserve to get in since they cheated the game.  I especially despised Barry Bonds, who is equally as guilty as everyone else, but for some reason I despised him more.  Maybe it’s because he’s horrible with the media and he’s just not likeable or personable.  But, with the amount of names that have surfaced, and will surface, you end up with a level playing field.  A Pitcher (who takes steroids) throws to the batter (who takes steroids) that hits the ball to the shortstop (who takes steroids) that makes the play at first.  You can’t wipe all these records clean as if they’ve never occurred.  They should put these players in the hall, but with a sidenote saying “these players were involved in an era with suspicion of steroid use.”