Route to Playoffs Goes Through Very Rough Terrain

November 14, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     Last week I wrote the Ravens 2009 Season Obituary.  I still believe the season is over.  I love the Ravens, but I don’t see the world through purple colored glasses.  To get to the playoffs, the Purple birds must win at least 6 of the remaining eight games if not seven.  Ten wins may get you in, but I think 11 is the magic number this year. 

     Lets look at the remaining eight games left: Browns, Colts, Steelers (2), Packers, Lions, Raiders, and Bears.  Getting  to the promise land would be the same as taking a 1969 Volkswagen Bug to California going via the Rocky Mountains, and the Nevada Desert.  It’s possible, but not very probable.  Now I hope I am wrong.  Believe me when I tell you, I WANT TO BE WRONG!  And if I am, I will write a full retraction of last week’s obituary, (can you retract an obituary?) and gladly eat crow.  Lets hope I am wrong.  I’ve to be wrong in the past.  GO RAVENS!     

68-60-1  Against The Spread