Rumor: O’s offer $1 billion to A-Rod’s first son

December 30, 2009 | Drew Forrester

I just heard that rumor somewhere.

The Orioles have offered Alex Rodriguez one billion dollars for the lifetime rights to his first son.

How many of you are going to post that and offer comment about it somewhere on the web?

Earlier today, Scott Boras floated a rumor through a Colorado newspaper that the Orioles (of all teams…Scott, you should be smarter than that, pal) have offered his client, Matt Holliday, an 8-year, $130 million contract.

And people immediately jumped on the web and jumped for joy:  Look what the Orioles have done!

Not so fast, kids.

Did you see the numbers?  8-years.  $130 million.

Not in Baltimore, amigo.

Not here.

That Boras is a slick dude.  He floats that rumor in Colorado, it percolates for a few hours, and then the St. Louis Cardinals start to get nervous that perhaps their big off-season catch is about to spit the hook and head to Charm City.

So Boras calls a reporter and says, “I owe you one, don’t I?  Here’s a scoop…Baltimore really wants Holliday.”

An hour or so later, Andy MacPhail went public with the media people he actually is allowed to speak with and said, “No, that’s not right, we haven’t offered Matt Holliday that contract.”

We knew that Andy.

Well, I knew that.

Others apparently didn’t.

They’ll be right back after they get a spatula to remove the egg from their face.

By the way, for the record:  I wish the Orioles WOULD sign Matt Holliday.  He’s an excellent player.  Last time I checked, the teams that played in this year’s World Series are stocked with EXCELLENT players.  That’s how you get good.  You sign excellent players.

Alas, I know the Orioles aren’t going to pay Matt Holliday $130 million.

If Holliday gets shunned by every other team in the big leagues and drops his demands to 2-years, $18 million, the O’s might have an interest.

The really good players would rather not come here unless the money is just too good to pass up.

The really good players don’t want to come here at all, actually.

Just ask Kevin Millwood.  He’s still taking Tylenol as a result of his trade to Baltimore three weeks ago.

In the meantime, the O’s still don’t have anyone to play first base.

No need to panic, though.  Spring training’s still 9 weeks away.

Now, about that rumor that the O’s are willing to give the Yankees $1 billion right now for the rights to his first born son…I’m hearing that from a great source.

Hurry, last one to the computer is a rotten egg.