Ryan Baumohl’s Beginner’s Luck: Wednesday Night, Terps Recap

September 08, 2010 |

Well, I think what we learned from the past week is the Terps may be a team you can’t overlook, when we are talking about a couple different fall sports. First off, as most people know the Terps defeated the Midshipmen from Navy 17-14, on a goal line stop.

What we take from the game:

  1. Last year, the Terps did not have nearly as much trouble stopping the run as they did stopping the pass. They averaged right around 150 Rushing Yards Per Game Against last year, which was around the middle of the pack. They did a pretty good job of stopping Navy, one of the best rushing teams in Divison 1. Navy had some success in the open field, but when they got to the goal line Maryland stepped up, and showed us their bend but not break mentality. All you have to do is watch this one play to understand our goal line defense. 
  2. Ralph Friedgen makes some decisions, that are not even worth analyzing. Why put Danny O’Brien in the game at that point? I understand he wants to go with a multiple quarterback system, but Danny O’Brien had never taken a snap at the collegiate level, and that was simply not the time to put him in. If there was any time, it was when Maryland was up 14-0. My take is he should have just waited until this Saturday night. There is going to be a time to give him his snaps against Morgan State. Don’t get me wrong he has potential, but that was just not the right time.  Also we pretty much stopped trying to score when we were up 14-0. Well how did that work for ya Ralph? It came down to a punter who has never attempted a field goal in college, and stopping navy 4 times from inside the 10. You got lucky Ralph don’t do it again!!!
  3. The Ravens aren’t the only team in Maryland with two running backs that know how to run the football. Every body knows that talent of Da’rel Scott, but Davin Meggett really proved himself. Meggett and Scott are going to be most of our offense this year, unless we can find a quarterback who is not afraid to throw the ball down field to Torrey Smith or Adrian Cannon. The Terps have running backs and recievers, but now they just need to find what quarterback system works (but do it at the right time!!!!)
  4. Finally, I think it’s James Franklin time in College park. I already went into why I disagreed with some of Ralph’s decision, but let’s take a look at what James Franklin and Don Brown did right. To start off Don realized that you can’t stop Navy from running the football everytime all the way down the field. That’s all they do, and give them credit, they are pretty damn good at doing it too. So what did he do? He prevented big plays, drawing up schemes to sometimes have an all or nothing at the line, but bringing in safeties towards the end of the game to help prevent 10 yard runs. He basically said throw the football “I dare you”. Everybody knows Navy won’t throw the football, and if they do you are going to win the game. He gave Moten the QB Spy tag, when Moten made his spectacular play. What that means it is Moten’s job to stop the quarterback. Adrian did a great job reading the play, and the man in motion, timed the snap perfectly, and got to the QB before he could hand the ball off. Finally, on the last play of the game, he had every option play covered. He smashed his guys up the middle in case the Fullback got the ball, but left Kenny Tate wide open out of the way of any potential blockers to make a play if Navy QB Ricky Dobbs kept the ball to the left. I love Dobbs as an option QB, and would probably take him almost every time to run my option, but here’s the thing. Dobbs is an open field player, and he is not going to run over defensive players bigger than him. So what happened on the last play? 6’1 203lb Ricky Dobbs went head on at the goal line with 6’4 220lb Safety Kenny Tate. In the open field, Dobbs is gonna put Tate on his butt 9 out of 10 times, but at the goal line the bigger, stronger Kenny Tate stops him 9 out of 10 times. James Franklin, well THANK YOU FOR USING DA’REL SCOTT AND DAVIN MEGGETT. THAT IS HOW WE ARE GOING TO WIN FOOTBALL GAMES!!! Don Brown, great gameplan! James Franklin, we can’t wait for you to take the reigns.

Other Terps scores from the past week worth noting:

  • Women’s soccer beat Stoney Brook 2-0 to improve to 5-0 on the season
  • Men’s soccer lost to Michigan State 4-3 in overtime earlier in the week, but bounced back strongly beating Northeastern 5-0 later in the week.
  • Women’s field hockey beat Old Dominion 3-1 to improve to 3-0 on the season.

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