Saturday night’s alright for fighting, Friday is alright for Friday Mud

March 25, 2011 | Drew Forrester

Anyone ever notice that it rains a lot on Thursday around here?

I’m not sure why.  I assume there’s nothing to it.

But it sure seems like we always see rain on Thursday.

And do you know what the provides us?


Yes, Thursday rain always seems to provide Friday Mud.

For some reason, a lot of you seem to enjoy having Mud on Friday.

I’m not a big fan of Thursday rain, but, like you, I do fancy myself a big heaping of Friday Mud.


>  I bought my own minor league baseball team recently.  Some of the folks in Illinois have taken me to task for so brazenly linking the team to my heritage, but I don’t care what they think…I own the friggin’ team.  We debut in two weeks and have just unveiled OUR NEW LOGO.  Yeah, I know the team name isn’t spelled correctly in the logo.  We’ve already replaced the ad agency that designed it, but you get the picture.

>  A special message for all of our Philadelphia Flyers fans is RIGHT HERE.

>  Yes or no… Are you completely against admitting that you’re secretly a Yankees fan?  You are, aren’t you?  “Over my dead body…” is what you’re mumbling to yourself right about now.  Right?  “I’d rather kiss the wet nose of a pig than tell someone I’m a Yankees fan”.  Sound like something you’d say?  That’s too bad, because I have THIS TO OFFER YOU.

>  It’s a terrific album and all.  But every time I look at THE COVER of this Morrissey offering, I wonder what on earth the message is he’s trying to send?  What a cutie, eh?…and the little baby’s not bad, either.

>  Chad Johnson of the Bengals left his coffee cup in the hotel lobby and our WNST staff photographer took THIS PICTURE of it.

>  If you recall last July 3, our very own Glenn Clark stuffed 12 wieners in his mouth to help raise money for charity, doing so in honor of the big hot dog eating contest on Coney Island every 4th of July.  The Steelers recently had tryouts for their 2011 cheerleading squad and, in an odd twist, they gave Glenn the right to choose one girl from those who were auditioning for this squad.  I think you’ll agree that Glenn made a solid choice by adding THIS GIRL…and as you can see, the Steelers already have a poster printed up for her.

>  Time for “I googled (this and that) and look what came up” — So I typed the words “Pictures of Fox 1370’s Jerry Coleman hosting his award-winning radio talk show” and LOOK WHAT CAME UP on Google.

>  I know it’s a little early to start talking about Maryland’s next Governor, but those campaigns take a little bit of time to put together, so let me throw the first name in the hat.  In my opinion, you need someone who is already extraordinarily successful and won’t use the Governor’s office as a “stepping stone” to something bigger or better.  You need someone with vast experience with big city life, yet someone who has experience in the suburbs and can connect with the “big boys” and the “little people”.  We need someone who is wealthy — meaning they won’t be tempted by all of the back-room and back-alley deals that some folks who aren’t well off would be prone to consider if they were in office.  We need someone with a connection to the great state of Maryland, someone who has family here.  And lastly, we need someone who can see things clearly from both sides.  I don’t know about you, but it makes perfect sense to nominate THIS LOCAL HERO right here and see if he can change our fortunes in Maryland.

>  Whispers out of Orlando say Tiger Woods has been *ahem* on the prowl since his divorce, hitting the local nightclubs and hotspots in search of new “friends”.  Much like his golf game, Woods has evidently struggled recently with his attempts to land a new squeeze or two.  As one Orlando gossip columnist wrote last week, “We’ve been able to go back over the last 24 nights and piece together Tiger’s efforts and it appears as if he has struck out 24 consecutive nights.  That’s nearly impossible here in Orlando.”  Woods also reportedly has bonded with another athlete – THIS GUY – who is currently in Florida and having his own problems striking out.

>  By the way, that was what I call a “good picture” of Mark Reynolds.  But…THIS ONE, right here…well, I have no idea.  You make your own call on that one.  I think I’ll just move on.

The Shoot Section (where I tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth…)

So…Nestor wrote his “Shut up Buck” piece yesterday and lots of apologists came to Showalter’s rescue to beat up Nasty for his comments on Buck’s slap-job on Theo Epstein and Derek Jeter.  I’m not coming to Nestor’s aid here.  He’s a big boy and he can handle his own affairs.  But during Thursday’s show, I too beat up Showalter for what I thought were silly, unnecessary digs at a franchise (Boston) and player (Jeter) that we here in Baltimore could only WISH we had.  And I guess the most alarming part of it all, especially Buck’s jewels-kick to Theo Epstein, is that Showalter is working for a franchise right now that has done nothing but pocket gobs and gobs and gobs of money over the last five years or so — and the Red Sox have actually done the exact opposite of that.  They’ve taken the money given to them by their fan base and re-directed it toward their on-field baseball product.  Oh, by the way, they’ve won two world championships in the last 7 seasons.  I’m a Buck fan. There’s no question he’s the one piece of the puzzle they’ve brought in here that “gets it”.  But this ugly jealousy of the Red Sox and Yankees – from MacPhail to Buck to the Baltimore fan base – it’s really quite unbecoming.  And it’s mainly unbecoming because all we want in Baltimore is for our franchise to be just like the Yankees and Red Sox.  In other words, we want a winner.  That’s all.  I’ve never figured out why people – even the apologists – are so against admitting that in Baltimore. We’re all men here.  We know the truth.  We haven’t seen a baseball game here in Baltimore that’s mattered since 1997.  In Boston and New York, they see games that matter every single September and October.  I’m not interested in railing against them. I’m more interested in seeing my team become a mirror image of them.  And we’re not Pittsburgh or Kansas City here – our franchise HAS money.  We’ve just elected to NOT spend it on baseball players over the last 5 years or so (or ever since the cash cow AKA MASN showed up in our living room).  Somehow, Buck forgot to mention those facts during his Men’s Health interview when he took Theo Epstein to task.  Buck looked silly to me, whining about the Red Sox and Yankees.  But that’s what I think.

> Song #15 on my all-time favorite CD comes from THIS GAL.  There’s nothing else to say.  Many have tried to sing this one but no one else can.