Savor October 7, 2012

October 06, 2012 | Paul Hoke

I’ve been holding off until the end of the season to discuss my feelings on the Baltimore Orioles magical 2012 season.  Not sure why, but everytime I sat down to write something, the Orioles accomplished one more thing to add to things I would want to cover.  So, I found that it was just easier to sit back, and enjoy the ride.  Well, after watching my Orioles defeat a stunned Texas Rangers ballclub, 5-1, in the American League Wild Card Game, and then enjoying the postgame coverage and celebrations into the wee hours.  It finally hit me.  And I want to share it with everyone….

Savor and soak in all of Sunday, October 7, 2012.

At 1 PM, the first place Baltimore Ravens hit the field in Arrowhead to take on the 1-3 Kansas City Chiefs in a very winable away game.  The Chiefs are a very good team at home, but the Ravens are a MUCH better team, and as long as the offensive line can keep QB Joe Flacco upright, the Ravens should come out of this game with a double digit win, and improve to 4-1 on the young NFL season.

Then, at 6:07 PM, the Baltimore Orioles will take the field at Oriole Park in Game One of the 2012 American League Division Series against the hated New York Yankees.

Now, Baltimore sports fans, I have a question…Does it get any better then this??

Our top rated NFL team in the afternoon, followed by our 93-win playoff MLB team in the early evening, playing a home playoff game for the first time since 1997.  I wish the late Chuck Thompson was still with us, because if any moment called for, “Ain’t the beer cold”, it’s going to be tomorrow here in Charm City.  For only the second time ever, the Baltimore Ravens will be playing on the same day where the Baltimore Orioles will be playing a playoff game.  The only other time was October 5, 1997 when the Ravens lost to the Steelers, 42-34 (I was at that game) in the Kordell Stewart Comeback Game, and the Orioles defeated the Mariners in Game Four of the 1997 ALDS and advance to the 1997 ALCS against the Indians.  Fourteen straight losing seasons has a tendency to not produce any October baseball, so while the Ravens have become one of the best franchises in football over that time, the Orioles have floundered as a miserable joke.

But this season, a magical turnaround by the O’s has led to this phenomonon.  Ravens football-Orioles playoff baseball.  I was talking to my son last night during the ninth inning, and again today, and I implored him to savor what is going to be experienced tomorrow in Baltimore.  For the first time in his LIFE, his baseball team is in the playoffs.  I got a text from my Dad basically saying the same thing.  Savor this opportunity.

Because we don’t know if it’s going to be another 15 years, until we get to experience it again.

Buckle Up, Baltimore!!  This is gonna be fun!