Saw The Ravens- ‘Now I’m a Believer’

September 30, 2008 |

Thus sayeth “The Monkees”…  And pardon me for the bad song reference, but Joe Flacco, the offensive line and an increasingly aging Ravens defense all proved themselves to me last night.  And, yes, once again to help out Ravens Fans, I bet on the Steelers.  

But don’t cry for me Baltimore(what the hell’s with the songs?), I was a perfect 3-0 Sunday so still am up for the week and the season.

Back to the Ravens… Is there any room left on the bandwagon?  Because I’m looking to hitch a ride.

The first half portended great things to come for this team.   Joe Flacco looked every bit the quarterback the Ravens hope he’ll be.  Guy’s got more poise than Queen Elizabeth and a much better arm.  The offensive line looks solid.  The running game plowed through the Steelers when necessary.  Derrick Mason made key catches.  And the defense was FEROCIOUS!  I sat in a loud bar (gee, there’s a shocker) watching the game with my girlfriend and still heard the sound of Ray Lewis, Bart Scott and Co. cracking Steeler skulls.

Then came the second half…

Look, the Steelers are one of the best teams in the AFC.  You didn’t really think they were going to lay down and die, didya?  Come on, on Monday nights at home the team fares better than the Russians do in the winter defending Moscow. 

I said on our show last week that, provided, the Ravens kept it close, I’d accept them as a player in the AFC.  They did all that and more. 

My Ravens record prediction for the season rises to a very respectable 8-8.  Unfortunately, they still have to play the NFC East and the AFC South- including a very stout Titans team next week.   I don’t see them getting over .500, but they might.  And who knows? 9-7 in the AFC North might even mean playoffs.

It’s time to believe… and sign a DECENT FREE AGENT FREAKIN’ WIDE RECEIVER!