Seahawks Shocker

January 10, 2011 | Michael Schwartz

A 7-9 team made the playoffs? Is that possible? The Seattle Seahawks ended the season 7-9 and hosted a playoff game versus the defending Super Bowl Champs. The obvious winner in this game should be the Saints, but the Seahawks pulled a stunning upset. The Seahawks shocked the Saints by winning 41-36. The Saints were an 11.5 point favorite and losing was unthinkable. The Seahawks played a great game in all aspects and they never gave up.

The Saints played very well other than their red zone play. The Saints would drive down easily on the Seahawks defense and then they would get stopped in the red zone. For any team in the NFL getting 3 while in the red zone is terrible. If you’re inside of the five then you need to get 7 especially in a playoff game. The Saints had chances in the first half to really put the Seahawks out of it, but they couldn’t get touchdowns. The Saints are one of the best scoring teams in the red zone and they didn’t do that. The Seahawks were hanging around and then when Hasselbeck got hot they got the momentum and started scoring. The Seahawks defense finally got pressure on Brees in the third quarter, and when that happened, the Saints offense was very slow in the third. They didn’t score, but in the fourth they started to heat up. They scored 16 points, and were within 4 but their defense let them down. Marshawn Lynch broke a 67 yard run where he broke 7 tackles. He scored on this play and that was the game. The Saints scored a touchdown and failed the two point conversion. They went for the onside kick, and failed. The Seahawks had won the game in a shootout, with a final score of 41-36. The defense by both sides had their plays, but overall this was all offense.

The Saints were overlooking the Seahawks since they had a 7-9 record. The Seahawks showed why they should be in the playoffs and made a big statement. The Bears should be worried about the Seahawks offense since the Bears let the Jets score 34 on them, and the Seahawks offense is better. The Bears will need to play a very good defensive game or they could face the same result as the Saints.