Seahawks vs. Bears Preview, Another Upset?

January 15, 2011 | Michael Schwartz

Seahawks vs. Bears

The Seattle Seahawks stunned the Saints last week in a high scoring 41-36 victory. The Seahawks were clicking on all cylinders on offense, they were able to pass and run at will. Matt Hasselbeck threw four touchdowns in this game which is his playoff high. He played a tremendous game, and his receivers were getting wide open. The Saints defense had no answer for them but they also couldn’t stop the Seahawks run led by Marshawn Lynch. He broke a run for 67 yards with seven broken tackles and that sealed the game. There was a little earthquake that was detected while this run was going on, it was because of the fans yelling and that is unthinkable. He ran very well against the defending Super Bowl Champs but this is going to be tougher against a great Bears defense. The Bears defense is great at stopping the run and their defense is led by Brian Urlacher. He is a veteran middle linebacker who is great at tackling and great at telling his team what’s coming. The Bears will need to contain Lynch, so Hasselbeck can’t use the play fake. The Bears defense likes to play cover two which leaves the middle wide open. Hasselbeck will need to look for his receivers going over the middle.

The Bears offense versus the Seahawks defense and this is probably going to favor the Bears offense. Matt Forte has had a great year and Jay Cutler has played very well in the last couple of games. The Seahawks defense will need to contain Forte and then worry about Cutler. They are good at stopping the run, but weren’t tested versus the Saints. The Saints threw the ball all over them, but Drew Brees is a much better quarterback the Cutler. The Seahawks are good at getting to the quarterback and disrupting him. If they can get to Cutler, then he will likely throw interceptions which he is known to do. He is a gunslinger and thinks he can put any ball into any space so they will probably get a few picks on Cutler. The Seahawks defense will need to play better than they did versus the Saints since they let the Saints score 36. They won’t score 41 again so the defense has to play better.

The Seahawks offense just needs to play how they played last week and they should win the game. The Bears defense is better than the Saints, but the Seahawks have the momentum since they just beat the defending Super Bowl Champs. The Seahawks aren’t bad on offense, but they need to run to set up the pass. Marshawn Lynch will need to be a physical runner since the Bears defense is physical. He is a physical runner and he is a little lighter than the Bears linebackers. He is 230 pounds and he uses all of it to run over people. Hasselbeck depends on Lynch and if Lynch can’t run than the Seahawks will be forced to pass. Hasselbeck is a good quarterback but he can’t lead the team to victory two weeks in a row. It’s just not how he plays and it’s not what he’s done throughout his career. This game will be on whether the Bears can stop Lynch.

Prediction: 31-17 Seahawks

The Seahawks are going to pull another upset and go onto the NFC Championship. They are a good team and the momentum they have will lead them over the Bears. I think Jay Cutler will have a three interception game and Forte won’t be able to run that well. They will score 17 but in the end the Seahawks will just be too much for the Bears. Hasselbeck will play another great game and Lynch will have success running the ball. These are the keys for the Seahawks to win and I see them getting it done. They will score on the Bears defense and the Bears will be stunned to lose to an 8-9 team.