Selig gets Statue…Seriously?

February 09, 2010 |

The Milwaukee Brewers announced today that they would be erecting a statue of former team owner and current MLB Commish Bud Selig outside Miller Park. I was taken aback by the announcement on first blush. I have a long held disdain for all things Selig and blogged just a few weeks ago that his resignation is long overdue.

Let me say this, I understand that the Brewers are honoring Selig for his efforts to bring a team to Milwaukee. His family was part of the ownership group for nearly 4 decades. The team didn’t experience much success during that time frame and Bud rose from a used car salesman (not that there’s anything wrong with that) to being the Commissioner of our Nation’s Pastime, on second thought maybe Bud should be honoring Milwaukee.

The announcement was made by current Brewers owner Mark Attanasio. This wreaks of a back room handshake deal between Selig and Attanasio. In my view this is an ill-timed and poorly conceived decision by the Brewers. Selig not only mis-handled baseball’s steroid issues, he also turned a blind eye to the issue for over a decade then pretended to be outraged when baseball’s most hallowed records were bashed  in by roided-up prima donas.  He followed that up by ordering the creation and distribution of the toothless and woefully inadequate Mitchell Report.  Of course no action was taken based on the reports findings.   He took an exhibition game, the MLB All Star game, and attached post season significance to it.  He’s turned over the production and scheduling of baseball’s post-season to the television networks which has resulted in a generation of children who’ve never seen the end of a playoff game live.  I have Bud to thank for many bleary eyed October, and now November, mornings.  About the only thing Selig has done right is the advent of the Wild Card, which in theory allows more teams to make the post-season but the real objective was clearly to allow the Yankees and Red Sox to both make the playoffs; more made for TV drama.

Selig deserves scorn, disdain, shame and to wear a Barry Bonds jersey every day of  his life.  The last thing he deserves is a freakin’ statue.