Shame on You Maryland Jockey Club

April 01, 2011 | Marty Mossa

I never thought I’d see the day when a “legitimate” organization like the Maryland Jockey Club would promote public drunkenness and bad behavior.  And this is exactly what they did when they unveiled this year’s Preakness Race promotion called Kegasus. 

KEGAasus is a burly looking centaur that is promoting the excessive consumption of beer ( ie the prefix KEGA ).  Now forgive me if I sound self righteous.  I have done things in my earlier days in regards to alcohol that I am not proud of.  And I will leave it there.  But my excessive drinking was not part of a promotion to do so.  The mere thought that an agency that is representing Maryland’s storied racing history is promoting public drunkenness is mind boggling.

The Maryland Jockey Club did the right thing by eliminating people from bringing in their own alcohol two years ago.  The way some a..holes were acting in earlier years, it’s a blessing no one ever got seriously injured or killed.  Something had to be done when you had the running of the urinals where people ran on top of the spot-o-pots and had people (a..holes) throw full beer cans at them.  And don’t forget 1999 when that moron jumped onto the track during a preliminary race and tried to punch a horse.   

It was a good idea that the Maryland Jockey Club brought big name bands to promote the event.  One would argue it was also a good idea to provide the “mug” club allowing infield revelers unlimited beer.  Let’s face it, people on the infield are going to drink.  They are going to get drunk, and they are going to act like jerks.  But for the Maryland Jockey Club to promote the 136th running of the Preakness as a day of public drunkenness is an embarrassment to Baltimore, and Maryland.  If someone were to die of alcohol poisoning on May 21st, or someone kills someone driving home on that day, think of the law suit the Maryland Jockey Club, City of Baltimore and the State of Maryland could incur. 

Unless I have missed it: I can’t believe the Governor, Mayor of Baltimore, nor any other politician hasn’t criticized this promotion.