Shaq & the O’s

June 26, 2009 |

Will Shaq help LeBron bring a championship to Cleveland? Hell Yes!!!

 This is a medium risk high reward trade. At one time Shaq was the most physically imposing players in the NBA. In his day, his size and strength were unmatched in the NBA.  He had a great comeback year in Phoenix and looked like he cared about playing again.  As well as he played, he couldn’t get the Suns into the playoffs. While Shaq sat at home he had to endure watching his old nemesis, Kobe Bryant, finally win a championship without him.  


This is why Shaq will be back better than he was last season. He wants to stay one up on Kobe. They still don’t like each other and want to embarrass each other whenever they can. During the All- Star game they worked together but the press conference afterward showed nothing had changed between them. They were cordial but not friendly. Kobe’s winning a ring and teaming with LeBron James will make Shaq even hungrier. He will give the Cavs a legit center and a big body to throw around. The Cavs will have to pace him and keep him rested for the playoffs. Shaq wants nothing more than to beat Kobe head to head for another NBA title.  His dislike for Kobe pushes him to the edge.


If, and it is a great big if, Shaq can stay healthy, he will help LeBron get his ring. He would like nothing better than to rub Kobe’s face in it. Then he can make one more rap about it and ride off into the sunset, knowing he won the last battle in the war.


At 38 he’s a gamble but one you have to take to get to the Promised Land.


Orioles: All of the momentum the O’s built up in Philly has just flown the coup. The first game the O’s showed heart with their comeback in the ninth. The rest of the serried they looked out matched.


Rich Hill couldn’t make it out of the 5th inning again. He was so dominant in Philly. I thought he had turned the corner on his season. With his stint on the DL he needed some extra time to get himself into midseason form. Tonight, after the first inning he looked like he was throwing BP.  With his mechanics I’m not sure if he can ever be a consistent strike thrower and winner.


The hitting tonight wasn’t clutch. We had runners on base every inning but couldn’t deliver when we needed it. Nick Markakis had a great night tonight. He continues to raise his average but has been inconsistent game to game.


 Adam Jones has definitely been regressing.  He went hitless for the series. He is swinging at pitches he let go by at the start of the season. He is swinging for the fences. The more he presses the more he is failing. He looks like he needs a day away from baseball to clear his head. Unfortunately, the O’s play 10 games during the next 10 days and he is needed in the lineup.


Please! No more Felix Pie. Enough is enough.


I think you can interpret the acquisition of minor league 1st baseman Michael Aubrey two ways.  First, the O’s must be close to trading Aubrey Huff. He could get a chance to stick with the O’s if the move happens. Or the O’s feel Brandon Synder won’t be ready for the bigs next year so we needed to get a potential replacement for Huff. It could be a little of both. It could be a good deal if he can get PT and stay healthy. Hopefully, the player to be named later will be Felix Pie.


Here is a little film of Michael Aubrey.







 Could he be our Adrian Gonzalez?


No need to jump ship or  pannic. Young teams will have their ups & downs. Just think of the future snd wish it were here a little sooner.