Share your stories

February 03, 2008 | Keith Melchior

I wrote earlier about block pools and a reader wrote about his buddy who lost out on some money because of a missed extra point

Since this is an interactive blog-site I think it’d be fun to have you share your block-pool stories of success or failures.

If you miss out does that make you mad and hate the team or player even more than usual?

One block pool story comes to my mind from SB35. At a local establishment a guy was hootin and hollering after the Ravens went up 7-0 on Giants. I thought he was gonna be tossed out for being so obnoxious. Next thing I know the server is bringing a round of drinks to everyone in the bar. Turns out this cat won $15,000 by having Ravens 7 and Giants 0. He almost had another chance until the Giants scored on that kick return. It was funny watching him praying for 2 more FGs later in the 4th quarter.

Would love to read some more stories about your block pools..thanks..