Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina Making Arrests In Phelps Case

February 12, 2009 |

The most famous bong hit in the history of weed continues to fuel the ego of Sheriff Leon Lott, the moron who apparently has nothing better to do with his time than to harass college students. This despite the fact that the Richland County Sheriff’s Office website lists several unsolved homicides.

Attorney Joseph McCulloch, a defense lawyer who represents a student who was arrested on marijuana possession charges, says that police have questioned his client in an attempt to gather evidence to press charges against Michael Phelps.

McColloch told “”Our clients answered questions but I don’t know that their information would be helpful to law enforcement. It seems to me that Richland County has a host of its own crime problems much more serious than a kid featured in a photograph with a bong in his hand.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

A representative from the Sheriff’s office said that they would not release any information about the case in the middle of an investigation.

It just blows my mind that a Sheriff’s office would take it this far and that the local government hasn’t stepped in to say: “stop wasting tax payers money with this crap. You have several unsolved homicides to worry about. Why don’t you solve them and then we’ll worry about a college party, OK Dopey?”

To this date, eight arrests have been made in this case. Yup, eight.

Well thank God they’re making these arrests. I’m not sure how well I could sleep at night knowing that eight pothead college students were buying Cheetos at a 7-11 somewhere. Keep those dangerous criminals off the streets!

Give me a break. As a Sheriff, Leon Lott’s job is to protect and serve. Instead of doing his job, he’s trying to make a name for himself. It’s like he’s trying out for the Fraternal Order of Police’s version of American Idol.

Obviously, what Phelps did was wrong…but this is taking it too far.

I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear about Bong Water Gate…