Should Phelps Swim in the 2012 Olympics?

February 10, 2009 |

The Baltimore Sun is reporting that Michael Phelps will take a few months to decide whether or not he will compete in the 2012 London games.

Phelps was interviewed by the Sun after practice at the Meadowbrook swimming complex and talked about his Olympic future. “It will take a few months. I’ll give it 30 or 60 days.”

Phelps said that he was frequently awaken in the middle of the night to people screaming outside of his apartment, and that the paparazzi was basically stalking him.

“I’m not feeling too good physically, but I’m actually able to sleep now. I had a real hard time sleeping over the last two weeks or so. Just swimming and thinking about everything going on. Everything is back to what I call normal, I guess.”

I think that Phelps should swim in the 2012 games. He has an opportunity to win more gold medals, and try to collect an unprecedented 20 gold medals overall. But more importantly, it would show that he’s not going to run and hide from this controversy.

So far, Phelps has held himself accountable and has taken every punishment he’s received like a man, which is pretty commendable.

He didn’t have to admit that it was him in the picture.

He could have been upset about his 3 month suspension from USA Swimming. But he wasn’t…in fact, he said it was a fair sanction.

If he doesn’t swim, the last memory the general public will have of Phelps would not be the 8 gold medals he won in Beijing. It would be the picture of him pulling hippie lettuce through a big glass bong. I’d hate to go out like that.

If he does come back, he’ll certainly have to relive the Bong Water Gate incident in 2012. He’ll have to answer questions that he’s already answered a million times. He’ll have to deal with more public scrutiny. People will call into WNST and talk about that picture.

But that may be the last that we hear of it, especially if he swims well.

One thing’s for sure. Phelps called A-Rod and Tejada to personally thank them for using steroids. All of the ‘roids news has successfully distracted the national media from the most famous bong hit in the history of weed.

So what do you think? Should Phelps swim or not?