Should Sports Cease Play on September 11th?

September 03, 2011 | Marty Mossa

Ten years ago this Sunday nearly three thousand of our fellow Americans were murdered by Radical Islamic Terrorists.  It is well documented of course as at 8:46am est a commercial airliner American Airlines Flight 11 smashed into the upper floors of the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York.  Some twenty minutes later the nation watch in horror on live TV as another plane United Flight 175 thundered into the south tower of the WTC.  Within ninety minutes, both towers crumbled to the ground. 

Meanwhile in Washington, while the military and the powers to be were scrambling to prevent any more attacks, a Boeing  757 American Airler Flight 77 smashed into the U.S. Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia.  and of course we all know about the heroics of the passengers of flight 93 revolting against the hijackers and preventing their plane from crashing into the U.S. Capital Building or White House.  Everything I just mentioned is well documented.  We have seen the footage over and over and over again.

The series of events immediately prompted Major League Baseball to cancel all games for a week.  The NHL cancelled their preseason hockey games for a week.  And the NFL cancelled week two the young season.  The Ravens were scheduled to play the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football on September 17th.  All sports stadiums and arenas went dark for a week.

The question I raise to all of you is this; should the NFL and Major League Baseball have not scheduled to play this upcoming Sunday?   Should instead of a day to celebrate sports, we take a deep breath and pause to remember all those who perished on that faithful Tuesday morning?  Would it be too much to ask that sports take a break to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the most tragic day in American history? 

In my humble opinion it wouldn’t  have been hard to reschedule Sunday’s games.  The NFL could have simply opened up on Labor Day weekend, and every team given a bye for week two (September 11th).  Major League Baseball has plenty of wiggle room and they could have indeed been able to work in a schedule to allow teams off on 9/11/11. 

Now I’m not suggesting that sports take the day off  every year on 9-11.  I’m just saying perhaps every time it falls on a Sunday during a five year interval sports should be halted.  The 15th anniversary of 9-11 will be on Sunday, September 11, 2016.  I think sports should be halted for that day as well.  As for the other five year intervals, they all fall on other days but Sunday, through 2046. 

As for me, I must admit, I’ll be watching the Ravens and Steelers on 9-11.  Call me a hypocrite, but I’ll still be watching.  Usually I decorate my yard in purple for all the games.  This Sunday, however there will be no purple in the yard.  The only thing you’ll see if you drive by my house is my 5 by 8 foot American flag flying at half mast. 

Am I correct in my assertion that Sunday, September 11, 2011 should be a day of national mouring instead of celelbrating a day of sports?   Or do you think I am way off?  I’d really appreciate your views either pro or con.