Show Faith In Bisciotti, Newsome

January 12, 2008 |

Here is my take on the Ravens coaching search. First, many callers, bloggers and respondents seem a bit uneasy about the search the Ravens are conducting. Relax, they know what they are doing.

When Steve Bisciotti was at the press conference to announce the firing of Brian Billick, he announced that Ozzie Newsome would be leading the search and he is. Yes, Bisciotti and Dick Cass are very involved, as they should be; they are the owner and team president. Remember Art and David Modell were very involved last time. In fact Art’s first choice for head coach was George Seifert (glad that didn’t happen). Just because there are new people in the room doesn’t mean they are wrong or misguided; it just means that they are adding additional perspectives to the search.

The Ravens are basically following the same script as last time, and they are also using the same process that they use to evaluate draft eligible players–background checks, references and vetting by multiple people.

They are talking to a wide variety of possible candidates, even those we haven’t thought of or wouldn’t have imagined. They did that as well in their 1999 coaching search. That year they even made inquires into Joe Gibbs’ and Steve Spurrier’s status, although neither was ready to jump at that point. So don’t be astounded when you hear different names being mentioned like Brian Schottenheimer and John Harbaugh. In fact to the contrary, I think it’s positive that they are including them and casting a very wide net. At the very least they aren’t just bringing in every old retread coach. Recycling is something you should do with your garbage not failed coaches. You never know when you will strike gold. Andy Reid was a 40 year old quarterbacks coach from Green Bay, who never called plays, before he was hired in Philadelphia

I guess what I am saying in a long-winded way is have faith in the front office. They certainly don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as the baseball team in town. They haven’t spent the last ten years in the dark. Most of the people on the search have Super Bowl rings on their fingers. Give Steve Bisciotti and his crew time and most of all have some patience. Let’s judge this choice after its made, not before!

ARE WE MISSING SOMEONE: Can’t help but think there is a candidate out there that hasn’t been mentioned that might suddenly emerge from one of the playoff teams. Drew Forrester mentioned one on his show on Friday, Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. I’m wondering about Seattle assistants Jim Mora (former head coach of the Falcons) or quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn (Seattle always has had a very good attack). Just food for thought.