Showalter on Showalter

July 30, 2010 | Dwayne Showalter

Well it’s finally happened.  Uncle Buck will manage the Orioles.  It’s one of those things that when I first thought about it, I knew it would happen one day.  Like a few years into the Cal Ripken streak, I’d say around 1985, I started figuring when game 2131 would be…some ten years down the road.  I just had a feeling it would happen and how special it would be.


I always had a feeling that Buck Showalter would be running the O’s too.  Early in his Major League managing career with the Yankees in the early ‘90s (way back when the Orioles were known to have a winning season or two), I took notice of this guy and his style and his name and hoped he’d make it here one day.


A big reason I want him here now is so maybe I could score a free Orioles t-shirt with my name on the back!  There haven’t been a lot of good reasons to go to a game for some time.  I also think it is the first meaningful managerial hire in a decade.  And since nothing else has worked at Camden Yards in 13 years, why not bring in, apparently, one of the bigger pricks in baseball to try a new approach with this bunch of rag-a-muffins.


Another reason I’m happy today is because we Showalters could use a little pick-me-up.  Yeah, we had the corner bar in Hampden for years.  But new Hampden bought it up and turned it into something most people in the neighborhood wouldn’t dare go in anymore.  We had the Amoco Station on the corner of Greenmount and 33rd for free parking at Memorial Stadium, but the State moved everything downtown.  And “Michael and Michael Have Issues” (co-starring Michael Showalter) was cancelled by Comedy Central in March.


For the record, I am not knowingly related William Nathaniel “Buck” Showalter, but that hasn’t stopped me from accepting congratulations around town, at the water cooler and on the Internets. 


Today, there is a new sheriff in town, and his name Uncle Buck…..Showalter!!