May 25, 2009 |

Another great weather and sports weekend in Baltimore and the signature event was the Indianapolis 500.  The finish was a tad anti-climatic as Helio Castroneves held a sizable lead during the final laps, but the stories surrounding the race made for some juicy viewing. Only five weeks  ago Castroneves was looking at major time in the slammer for tax evasion, but Sunday he was drinking the congratulatory milk and crying like a baby.  Getting acquitted and winning the biggest race of the year will do that to you. Seriously though, Castroneves showed great emotion and palpable joy when interviewed after being crowned champion.   The driver with the nickname Spider-man thanked all his fans and said he couldn’t wait for the real celebration to start.  Helio definitely looking for something a little stronger than cow juice.  Who can blame him after the year he’s been through.  Drink up Helio, you’ve earned it. 

A little lost in the shuffle was the third place finish for Danica Patrick.  It was the tiny driver’s highest ever finish at the Brickyard and her post race comments were extremely candid and for once, very mature.  Danica has a way of chirping about the other drivers on occasion when things don’t go her way on the track. On Sunday it was all good for little D, even though you kinda got the feeling she wanted to say she could have and should have beat Castroneves for the checked flag.  All in good time Danica.  All in good time.

Speaking of Danica Patrick.  I was shocked at how many different products she endorses.  Every commercial break was packed with at least three spots featuring the most famous female driver in the world.  I am beginning to think that Indy Car racing doesn’t exist without her.  I suppose that is why so many open-wheel racing fans and sponsors are sweating bullets at the news that Patrick might jump over to Nascar.  I hope she doesn’t join the good ole boys and stays put with the Indy circuit.  She’s got a good thing going.  Now if Danica could only find a few more products to sponsor.  Maybe she can hit up John Madden for some of his endorsement deals.  Lord knows that guy had plenty and now that he’s retired, maybe Danica Patrick can be the spokesperson for tough actin’ Tinactin!