Skip Bayless Has A Solid Grip on Reality!

May 14, 2009 | Tom Clayton

I am one of the sixty-six people who actually watches First Take in the mornings on ESPN2.  I must admit it is one of the most poorly produced shows on television; it makes MASN’s Orioles Pre-Game coverage look like Citizen Kane.  If there is one thing that draws my ire on this abysmal show it is the insane, maniacal ranting of Skip Bayless.  Skip Bayless is in fact so moronic and annoying he actually forces me to agree and side with Stephen A. Smith on most occasions.  Bayless is a sport writer equivalent of a “shock jock”; he says whatever he can to make himself controversial and relevant. 


This morning as I was watching First Take, and the topic was of a Baltimore nature so I perked my ears up and paid close attention.  Bayless was debating against the drunken Uncle of sports Media Woody Paige about the Orioles players who helped Tampa Bay’s Carlos Pena as he fell over the dugout railing catching a foul ball.


Skip Bayless had his usually level headed take on the situation saying, “Baseball’s code has said for more then a hundred years, YOU DO NOT HELP an opponent who is trying to catch a foul pop up by leaning or falling into your dugout.”  This great piece of baseball insight comes from a man who has never played the sport at any level during his life.  I also appreciate his insider information on baseball codes from someone who hasn’t actively cover baseball in over a decade.


Oh but old Skip wasn’t done yet, he continued; “The message has been sent that we will help an opponent steal an out in our dugout by making sure he stays safe.”  No we have sent the message we will not let an opponent paralyze themselves while making a catch in a BASEBALLGAME.  It is a baseball Skip; not a war or a bloodsport.


Well this is a debate and luckily we have Woody Paige to inject some sort of sense back into the conversation, “Would you not help your Grand Mother if she was falling into a major league dugout?”  Ummmm……there are so many things that don’t make any sense in that comment I think I will let it speak for itself.


Skip as always has to finish up with a comment that overshadows the stupidity of the ones that came before it. “It’s the law of the jungle, YOU DO NOT HELP!”  So now we are comparing a game of baseball to the fight to survive in the jungle?  Seriously Skipper is this where are going with this?


In case you were wondering this is the same Skip Bayless who accused Troy Aikman of being gay in his book “Hell-Bent” without any facts to backup the claim.  Aikman reportedly asked his lawyers how much it would cost to “beat the living hell out of Skip Bayless” days after the book was released.


And yes this is the same Skip Bayless who repeatedly refers to Kevin Garnett as “Kevin Garnot” because he thinks Garnett is soft and can’t win a big game.


And you are correct if you think this is the same Skip Bayless who wrote an article stating that place kicking should be eliminated from the NFL.


Oh and yes Skip Bayless does believe that LeBron James isn’t one of the ten best players in the NBA.


So in the end Skip Bayless believes that the Orioles players should have let a man be seriously injured to save themselves an extra out.  Skip get a clue and realize you are talking about sports not World War III.