Snow Day Ponderings

February 10, 2010 |

As I sit and dwell over another blizzard day here in Baltimore, I thought I’d throw out some random “Scruggs Views” for you to chew on….I’ll try to touch on a little of everything…lol

1) Super Bowl on Saturday Night???
Hell yes to this one. Wouldn’t it be nice NOT to have to worry about getting up on a Monday after watching festivus in all its glory? They already get enough time off between games.

2) Opening Day (You Buying or Selling?)
The Scruggs’ are considering going, but the jury is undecided. I just don’t like paying to see that crap they advertise as competitive baseball. Don’t get me wrong, I’m somewhat looking forward to the season. And if it wasn’t for my two young boys and sports crazy wife, I’d probably not go. That said, I still yell “O” during the national anthem.

3) Remembering Classic Wrestling —
Yes, working at the arena for over twenty years, I’ve been able to see some classics. Any of you “young, old timers” remember the “Crockett Cup”? That was back when the NWA came in for two nights and put on some great entertainment. Except of course if you were the Mulkey Brothers. WWE still packs them in down on Baltimore Street and I see another PPV in our future.

4) Minor League Hockey —
You are also a YOT if you remember the likes of Henry Taylor, Gerry Ciacia (sp), Jim Weaver, Warren Young, and Gene Ubriaco. Now that was entertainment. My first ever “civic center” memory was of my brother taking some friends and me down to see a the Clippers beat up on the Richmond Rifles, 3 – 1.

4) The Best Family Entertainment In Baltimore Sports (The Blast)
Very simply, they treat their fans like they deserve to be treated. The Blast are by far the most affordable and entertaining sport that “families” can regularly go see. My boys would choose the Blast over any other sport “8 days a week and twice on Sunday”. I grew up idolizing Petar Baralic and now my 5 year old loves Guiliano

5) Fantasy Sports —
Yeah, I’m looking forward to drafting 3rd in my top fantasy football league that’s heavy on QB scoring. Here’s hoping I don’t pull another “Forte” in this years draft. Baseball is coming up as well, but again, if not for fantasy, I’m probably playing little or NO attention to it.

6) Youth Sports —
Is there any greater love for a man than watching his sons excel in sports. Especially if he himself was a flop in most of them…lol. I just hope that I never become the parent who complains about their kids playing time. Coaching is hard enough as it is, and juggling time can be difficult if you don’t have an assistant. And remember, rec ball is where they learn to play the game, travel sports is where it gets serious. Parents need to remember that.

Enough already, time to go shovel the six to seven inches I already have outside…