So, Dave Trembley is Frustrated ???

June 14, 2009 |

So, I’m checking out Saturday’s edition of The Sun and I see Dave Trembley is starting to exhibit some signs of frustration. Is that perceived shield of armor that makes up the skipper’s persona starting to crack?

According to Sun reporter Jeff Zrebeic, Trembley wishes everyone “will just turn the page” when it comes to asking the same old questions. Really? And, does he ever think we might be tiring of the same old results?

While I’ll concede the Orioles find differing incidental reasons, which usually lead to losing respective games, the entirety of this MESS has been tied to one distinct root cause. It’s pretty obvious – they’ve been a very bad team for a very long time.

While I’m one of the guys who buys into Andy MacPhail’s stewardship, I really find it hard to believe his field general thought the “Summer of 2009” was gonna be anything more than an excruciating six month ordeal.

They broke camp with Adam Eaton and Mark Hendrickson in the rotation. Did Dave Trembley honestly think the season would be a success? Heck, he’ll be lucky to make it through Labor Day, without developing an ulcer.

Yeah, the Orioles lineup might’ve stranded 17 baserunners in last night’s game, much to Trembley’s chagrin. And, they’ve struggled to put runs on the board over the last couple weeks, but the pitching on this team has been AWFUL.

Here’s a telling stat – this pitching staff has surrendered 7 or more runs in 20 games. I don’t care how much an offense struggles – if the opposition is throwing up a touchdown, or more, you’re gonna lose.

For weeks, Drew Forrester has been saying “the Orioles are not trying to win.” God bless Drew, because he’s right. And, no, this is not some half-baked attempt to latch onto Drew’s crusade – I disagree with some of his opinions, including off-season options like Jon Garland or Derek Lowe.

But, Drew is absolutely correct, this team does not care about putting the best possible product on the field – with their own talent. For example, I’m still scratching my head over the demotion of David Hernandez. While Koji Uehara garnered a respectable contract during the off-season, he can’t carry Hernandez’s lunch.

Even a dimwitted talk show host, from Pasadena, can see it …..

You can bet Koji wasn’t activated from the DL and sent to the bullpen (where he was assigned, in Japan), because of the financial ties to that same contract and the appeal with Japanese media and fans.

That’s right, no mention of winning or losing in the equation, huh …..

How about Jason Berken and his 7-run ERA ??? Yep, there we go with the Orioles pitching staff and their “7-run problem,” again. While Berken struggles to strikeout batters, he can’t keep ‘em from scoring. He’s surrendered twice as many runs, as batters he’s struck out.

Say what you will, that equation will result in LOSSES.

Meanwhile, David Hernandez and his 3.95 ERA was shipped back to the minors, on Thursday. Never mind nearly a strikeout, per inning. Or, how about his Triple-A stats for this season? 60 strikeouts in 43 innings, 2.93 ERA and 1.090 WHIP, in 9 starts for the Norfolk Tides.

The Orioles are not ready to contend, that’s for sure. But, they are absolutely capable of putting a better product on the field. The fans of this city deserve it. Whether it’s the substantial commitment of purchasing ticket plans, buying merchandise or a monthly drop in the hat to Comcast or another cable provider, the people of Baltimore continue to pay for baseball.

I will not buy a ticket to watch Koji Uehara pitch …..

I will not buy a ticket to watch Jason Berken pitch …..

But, I would open the wallet for a night of baseball, featuring David Hernandez on the mound. I’ve watched him in his limited time in an Orioles uniform, and he’s been as good as anyone, and better than most.

Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard Hernandez isn’t ready for the big leagues. Really ….. and Jason Berken is ???

If Dave Trembley is really tired of the same questions, he should do something LEGITIMATE to change the course of what’s happened on the field, at Camden Yards. And, frankly, I’ve heard enough about the development of the team’s minor league system.

While I agree the backbone of any organization is found in the strength of its minor league franchises, those same “kids,” who are considered the jewels of this treasure chest are beginning to sniff around Baltimore’s city limits.

David Hernandez is one of those jewels. Although, he’s commonly overlooked for the likes of Arieta, Matusz, Tillman or Patton, this young man is arguably more overpowering and he’s truly dominated at every minor league level.

Andy MacPhail and Dave Trembley can’t honestly believe Koji Uehara or Jason Berken stand to put this team in a better position to win, whenever they take the mound. But, I’m sure the decision had something to do with money, rather than talent.

It is what it is …..

But, if Dave Trembley really is tired of losing, I’d suggest worrying a little less about the questions and stranded baserunners – and a little more about those 7-run games. And, how about going with the better player, regardless of a few bucks …..