So much for a dull month

February 07, 2009 | Keith Melchior

For what usually is a dull sports month, it sure has been a wild February so far.

I really believe the Ravens front office is taking a long look at Greg Mattison’s defensive plan before offering any contracts to the free agents. This will not be Rex Ryan’s top 5 ranked defense anymore. I’m sure the scheme will change and they are looking at what they have on the roster and what they need to fulfill that scheme. I think most fans would be happy with a top 15 defense and a top 10 offense. I said a few years ago that Baltimore needs to prepare itself for life on the field without Ray Lewis. The days of the career player is over. Free agency saw to that. There aren’t too many players who play their entire career, say over 8 to 10 years, with the same team. You see it more in baseball than in football since there is no salary cap. Peyton Manning will most likely finish his career with the Colts and Ray Lewis should finish his career with the Ravens, much like Jon Ogden did.

The Ray Lewis debates will continue for another 3 weeks and it’s uncanny how many people think the Ravens should franchise him. They must think this is fantasy football. No way can the Ravens franchise their best player in franchise history. He would make 8.5 plus million dollars a year as the average for the top 5 linebackers and even IF his skills are declining (sure didn’t look that way to me this season) it would be an absolute insult to Ray Lewis. People have been saying Ray’s days are numbered for about 3 years now, but he sure shuts those detracters up years after year. He’s the best at his position regardless what the average fan may think. Do not franchise him, either sign him or let him go.

 I said last week the Ravens were going to raise season ticket prices and it looks like they secretly have. Pro sports are pricing the average fan right away from the market. They raised my upper end zone tickets to $55 the year before they went 5-11. I haven’t gotten my letter yet. If they raise my tickets to $65 or more, I may have to sell individual tickets on E-bay this season just to make a profit. And I don’t want to hear any grief if opposing fans may be sitting in my seats. If the team can make a profit on the fans, why can’t I? It IS an investment, isn’t it?

Now we have another major sports story surface.  A-Rod used steroids? Say it ain’t so. Another cheater in major league baseball. As the rest of the name on the steroid list surface, the baseball world will be in spring training. This is really going to get interesting. After this scandal, the league will really need to clean itself up or the fans will mutiny in full force.

I am not a fan of the World Baseball Classic.  If they want to play it so badly, then cut the season short by a month and play it after the World Series and not interrupt spring training. I doubt a majority of people care about it anyway. Another thorn in the side of America’s pasttime.

Can’t wait to see how these stories develop, can you?