So much for the “losing to a good team on the road” excuse, huh?

October 25, 2010 |

, as well. They’re not really representative of a winless organization – I think we’ve all witnessed far worse products, right? What bothers me about yesterday’s game is the vulnerabilities Fitzpatrick recognized in coverage matchups, especially as it regards Fabian Washington. He picked on #31 all day long, and he found other fractures, as well.

Call it an aberration, or a bad day, or a lack of cohesion, if you desire. But, the Ravens-D got torched yesterday.

I expected a very lopsided win. Many of us did. Heck, all of us did. We were wrong.

To comfort my worries with yesterday’s problems, I’ll rely on the sobering reality that helps me every single time … There is a reason why I’m on the outside looking in. There is a reason why I talk about football, rather than coach it, especially at a high level. John Harbaugh and his assistants have devoted their lives to the game. They know it. Who am I to question them?

They know the defense had problems against Ryan Fitzpatrick. They’re undoubtedly working on the problems, as you’re reading this blog.

That’s the way the game works. They’re tasked with finding an answer, and past history suggests they’ll remedy it.

BALTIMORE, MD - OCTOBER 24: Ed Reed  of the Baltimore Ravens returns an interception against the Buffalo Bills at M&T Bank Stadium on October 24, 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens defeated the Bills 37-34. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

Yesterday’s game resulted in a win, but the means to achieving it wasn’t nearly what’s expected of a championship-caliber organization. A football loving outsider, such as myself, knows that. And, while John Harbaugh positively spun