So much for the “losing to a good team on the road” excuse, huh?

October 25, 2010 |

yesterday’s postgame press conference, he’ll do the same thing, this afternoon. That’s his job, in the public eye.

But, behind closed doors, I’ll bet my life he’s unhappy with some distinct facets of the team’s approach, as well as some respective players. And, he’s not buying excuses, either.

The “losing to a good team on the road” excuse was laughable, just a short week ago. Privately, I’m sure that’s not what the Ravens relied upon to soothe their souls, last Monday. Today is a different story.

They’re coming off a game which they could’ve and probably should’ve lost. That’s the truth.

Last week was a game they could’ve and should’ve won. Welcome to life in the NFL. While these recent results against the Patriots and Bills turned out differently, the central culprit(s) turned out to be very similar; poor on-field play, especially in the 4th quarters.

And, that’s inexcusable.

I would imagine the environment around One Winning Drive is not totally at ease, this morning. Questions need to be answered. Problems need to be solved. And, excuses aren’t being accepted. As for the rest of us, lets just trust in the organization.

They’re winners and they’ve absolutely proven it, on and off the field.

In summing up yesterday, I’ll simply hand it to my wife …. she was right, again. “This might’ve been a win, but it’s an embarrassing win.”