So this is what passes for journalism these days

January 12, 2008 |

When Nestor first approached me about writing a blog for, I resisted. “Does the world really need another opinion?” I asked. Well, apparently the answer is yes. Plus, after studying the photos of the WNST on-air personalities and bloggers at the top of this website, I realized I was definitely ugly enough for the job. I mean, have you seen these people? Talk about faces for radio. I sure hope I get invited to the WNST Christmas party – I’ve never been the best-looking guy in the room before. But, to quote Bob Haynie, I digress.
To give you a little background on myself, I am a former Baltimore Sun sports reporter and the former editor of Lacrosse Magazine – emphasis on “former” in both cases. I gave up the journalism gig several years ago, right before the Internet exploded and newspaper guys started getting television jobs (as you can see, I am a true visionary and have a great sense of timing). But I really did enjoy my time in the field. Working for the Sun in the early 90’s was a dream come true for a kid who grew up following the Orioles and Colts and reading guys like Bob Maisel and Bill Tanton. When you’re 22 years old and have no idea what you want to do with your life, you could find yourself in a lot worse places than working in the sports department of a big city newspaper. I won’t get into what the Sun has become since that time (gotta save some material for future blogs) but suffice to say it ain’t what it used to be.
It was while at the Sun that I first met Nestor. He was working for the Evening Sun and we shared a mutual friend (Kevin Eck, who is unbelievably still working on Calvert Street – not on Calvert Street with the “ladies” of the night, mind you, but still doing sports for the Sun). I marveled at Nestor’s gumption then – he had finagled his way from lowly agate clerk to hockey beat writer and music critic – and he obviously hasn’t slowed down a bit. I know Nestor shared my enthusiasm for the newspaper industry back in those days, and when he saw it falling apart, he did the right thing by taking his passion to another medium. And thank God he did, right? I mean what would Baltimore sports be these days without WNST in all its various formats?
As far as what I’ve been doing since those days, after the Sun I had a great four-year run at Lacrosse Magazine, but my writing since then has been limited to a Ravens e-newsletter (you may remember “Raven News” – catchy title, eh? I’ve always believed that there’s beauty in simplicity, especially in the absence of creativity) and using my fantasy football league’s website to mock my fellow owners for their draft picks, roster decisions and sexual preferences – in other words, real highbrow stuff (can’t figure out why I keep getting left of the list of finalists for the Pulitzer Prize for Journalism). What am I doing these days to pay the bills? That’s not really important, but I do highly encourage you to click on any FASTSIGNS logo you see on for a valuable coupon on some great products.
Well, I hope you find my blogs informative, entertaining and thought-provoking. I’ll try my best to keep them interesting and refrain from using the forum to simply spout off on whatever happens to tick me off that day (which, by the way, is exactly how Webster’s defines the word “blog”). But I have to be honest – the only reason I’m really even doing this is to hopefully get some free golf tips from Drew Forrester.