Solid Performance/Big Win

November 25, 2011 | Marty Mossa

The defense came up with nine sacks. The last time the Ravens sacked the QB nine times was in 1997 when we tied the Philadelphia Eagles at old Memorial Stadium. The defense also came up with a big interception toward the end of the first half; thus preventing the 49ers from at least getting a field goal.

The offense was solid as well. Joe Flacco went 15 for 23 for 161 yards, one touchdown, and no picks. Ray Rice ran for 59 yards on twenty one carries. Ricky Williams also had a good night with seven carries for 29 yards. The offense played well against one of toughest defenses in the league.

My two concerns from last night and weeks past, is this: for some unknown reason, the defense gives up big plays on third and long. Every time you think the game is iced, the D gives up a third and long. It happened against Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and last night. Also the offense can’t score inside the five yard line. The play calling down there is bad. Come on Cam!!!!

We can enjoy the win for ten days. The players have a chance to heal, and hopefully Ray Lewis will be back against the Browns.

Next up, the Cleveland Brown, will Jeckal or Hyde show up against this sub-.500 team? Let’s hope Jeckel shows. There is little margin for error. I still think we still have to run the table in order to take the AFC North Division. GO CHIEFS!!! GO EAGLES!!!!