Some guy with a weird name wins the British Open

July 18, 2010 | Drew Forrester

Louis Oosthuizen won the British Open today.

In a romp.

His name is actually pronounced Lou-ee Oost-hazen.

Yeah, that guy.

He basically won the tournament because, A) he got the greatest weather draw in the history of great weather draws on Thursday and Friday – and B) he never missed a shot

What do you think will happen first…Oosthuizen misses a fairway or the Orioles hire a manager?

Right.  The manager gets hired.

With Louis winning, that means Tiger Woods didn’t win.  Again.  Make that 0-for-3 in majors for Woods in 2010.  Everyone is asking “what’s wrong with Tiger?”  Well, if you watched him play all four days at St. Andrews, that’s an easy question to answer.  He can’t putt.  His golf swing looked great.  No more squatting through the downswing.  Club no longer stuck behind him forcing him to flip at it…which caused misses both left and right.  He was driving it like a guy who has won 14 major titles.  But on the greens…holy cow.  He was a mess.

I assume the mere fact that he can no longer chase, catch and conquer his book-full of “skanks of the day” might be bringing him down, too.  He’d never admit that, of course, but for years we were all trying to figure out what on earth this guy was doing that made him SO much better than everyone else out there on TOUR.  Was he “using something”?  Did he sell his soul to the devil?  What was that special sauce?  Maybe it was the chicks.  Perhaps his on-course dominance and the way he won whenever he wanted was merely a carryover from his personal life, where he told those girls when to show up, when to leave, when to strip to their undies and when to leave him alone for a few days because “people are around”.

I’m not great at math, but ever since Tiger gave his harem of check-cashers the heave-ho, he hasn’t won.  I’m adding 1 and 1 together and coming up with 2.

But ON the course, at least for the last two events he’s played – the U.S. Open and the British Open – his putting just hasn’t been up to snuff.  For a guy who basically willed the ball in the hole from 1996 until 2009, it’s quite alarming to watch him miss 4-footers and three-jack from 30 feet. Repeatedly.

He does have one major left this year, the PGA Championship in mid-August, and then a few other money-grab events at the end of the year that haven’t really been that important to him in the past (yet, he’s won them all…) but now that he’s almost broke (OK, not really) maybe the prospect of a $1.4 million payday will get his attention in September and October.

Back to the British Open.  Some guy you’ve never heard of won.  But that doesn’t matter.

What matters is who lost.