Some NFL Draft Thoughts

April 26, 2011 | John West

With the lookout being ordered over, nobody has any idea what that means. I hope some clarity comes to this issue because it will have major ramifications with this draft. What if the Bengals want to trade Carson Palmer to Seattle for a 2nd round pick. Can they do that? Can the Ravens trade Jared Gaither? Can they sign Jared Gaither? Can they sign Dawan Landry?

If anybody tells you they know they are lying to you. This is crazy. The next couple of days are going to be very exciting.

I think Cam Newton is going to be the number 1 pick and go to Carolina.

I think Marcell Dareus will be the number 2 pick and go to the Broncos.

Starting with Buffalo’s pick at 3, I have very little idea what is going to happen. QB, OLB, CB? Who knows? I expect it to be Blaine Gabbert. You don’t win in the NFL without a franchise QB and they don’t have one.

I think with the lookout being lifted, that brings in the possibility of lots of trades in the first round. I hope this happens. It makes for a very exciting first round.

I hope the Ravens trade down, out of the first and into the top of the second, picking up a pick or several picks along the way. I think there will be some teams who are picking at the top of the 2nd round who did not get a QB in the first round. I think those teams will want to trade up and lots of rumors suggest that the Ravens are potential willing partners to trade down. My best guess is that if Buffalo does not take a QB with their first pick they would look to trade up to the end of the first round and get a QB they like.

I think DE and OLB/DE tweeners are going to be all the rage in the first round. There could be 12 players taken that play this position in the first round.

I don’t know who the Ravens will take if they stay at the 26th pick. My guess is there are several DE’s they like a lot and if one of them is still on the board, and the Ravens are not blown away with a trade offer, they will take DE. Clemson DE Dq’Quan Bowers is falling fast because of a knee injury. I don’t think he will fall to 26, but if he did the Ravens would take this game changing talent in a heart beat. Otherwise, I think the Ravens would take Ohio State DE Cameron Heyward. This kid is the prototypical DE for a 3-4 defense and with 1 year learning behind Cory Redding I expect Heyward to be a long time excellent contributor in the NFL. This would be a real good solid value pick.

In the other rounds, I see the Ravens taking the highest rated player on the board, except TE. I think they will take a center, a RB, a WR and a back-up QB in this draft. I see the Ravens taking a CB, S, and at least 1LB, maybe 2.

I see the inside LB position as a real position of weakness for the Ravens. This draft might have 1 inside LB taken in the first 2 rounds. There is a lot of 3 through 6 round talent at the inside LB position. I hope the Ravens take a hard look at this position.