Some things never change

August 17, 2008 | Keith Melchior

In my opinion, the most disturbing things about watching the game last night were;

Lack of a leader in the QB position.. Only 12 yards passing at halftime?

Lack of depth in the secondary

Failure to throw the ball downfield in 3rd and long situations.

Failure of a defense to force a 3 and out.

We have NO bonafide quarterback. NONE of these 3 guys wants to take the starting job for his very own. TWELVE passing yards with the first team is miserable.  If they select Boller to start the season, we’re going to have to ride the waves with all the many ups and downs he provides. If they pick Smith, they better hope he plays like Kordell Stewart and run for his life. Smith shows no pocket presence at all. The days of the scrambling QB went out with Fran Tarkenton. Joe Flacco showed poise by leading the team in the final minute and a half of the game, but he needs to learn the NFL game..and NO Rob Burnett, he is NOT at Delaware anymore, so shut up!!!

At one point I think the Vikings were 5-5 o 3rd down. It was obvious they were going to pick on our delpleted secondary and they surely exposed a major weakness in Rex Ryans D.  3rd and long THEY get the first down.. 3rd and long WE throw a 5 yard pass or run a draw.  Who’s running the offense, Matt Cavanaugh? Brian Billick? Ted Marchibroda?  This is pre-freaking-season football…there’s nothing to lose..THROW the damn ball downfield and try to make something happen…. PLEASE..

Now that the dog and pony show at McDaniel College is over, hopefully they will settle in to a more disciplined style of training camp and get focused on the season. It’s time to start lighting a fire under some of these guys.