Some Worthless Observations On A Worthless Night For Baseball ….

August 10, 2009 |

I’m not about to double-talk or spew words out of both sides of my mouth. That’s right, no politics for me …..

I’ve been a staunch supporter of Andy MacPhail’s renovation project. I’m still a supporter. In fact, this is the easiest time to jump ship and join the masses of those who believe Baltimore will not host a baseball game, in Mid-October, before Barack Obama’s presidency ends.

With my optimism intact, tonight is hard to take. The Oakland A’s ??? Are you freakin’ kidding me ??? They’ve got the worst offensive attack in the game, and most of the team’s original power (Holliday, Giambi, Cabrera) has exited, since they last visited Baltimore, a couple months ago.

Yet, this watered-down version of the A’s is laying an ass-kickin’ on the Orioles. THANK GOD for thunderstorms, huh?

Let’s look at it this way …..

I could devote the remainder of this blog to my thoughts on how the Orioles played another lackluster game, but who really wants to read that? We all know it. Instead, I’m gonna mention a few things that came to mind while watching the game.

I hope you enjoy …..

• Is there anything worse than sitting in humid, blistering heat, while watching a horrible baseball game? The MASN broadcast showed plenty of fans, whose shirts were drenched in sweat. And, how about the little kids going shirtless? It reminded me of the Memorial Stadium decorum – one of the night’s lighter moments.

• It’s official, Aubrey Huff, Danys Baez and Melvin Mora have cleared waivers. All three players are free agents following the season (Mora has a buyout option), and contenders still don’t want ‘em.

• For some reason, Jason Jubb had a devout interest in personally observing tonite’s game between two very bad baseball teams. During the NASTY thunderstorm, he sent me a text message, wishing the formally-attired dude who held Snoop Dogg’s umbrella at Ravens Camp, last week, was nearby.

• Why would anyone go to an Orioles game during this series? I’ll bet the casual Orioles fan cannot name a single player in the A’s starting lineup.

• If I was the Orioles equipment manager, I’d bend the visor portion of every new hat before issuing them to players. I really HATE that stupid, flat look.

• Last week, Drew Forrester jokingly suggested the Orioles should hold a “reverse jerseys” night and wear the road grey uniform for a home game, against the Red Sox. Honestly, after attending Orioles games for 35 years, I can say I’ve never seen the grey roadies, in person. Yes, I would go to a game against the A’s, if they wore these uniforms.

• Speaking of GREY, someone needs to get Jim Palmer’s attention. No offense, but 63 year old men don’t have full heads of brown hair. It’s time to work in a little bit of grey.

• I watched Dave Trembley’s postgame news conference. I looked for something to exploit, as “worthless” for this blog. But, I didn’t have a problem with any of his answers. His team gave a worthless performance and there is no way of defending it.

• The announced attendance was 14,688 (30% full capacity), which must have included the 10,000 fans at Ravens Camp ANY DAY, last week. Do the Orioles really think we’re so STUPID ???

• I can think of worse things than an Orioles vs. A’s game. Doubt it? Perhaps, I’ll remind you, next January, when we’re cleaning ice off our windshields in the pre-dawn hours.