Something Magic Happens …..

March 03, 2009 |

Andy MacPhail certainly better hope so …..

Have you checked out the Orioles’ April schedule?  It’s brutal – with a capital B.  With an exception for a few games against the Texas Rangers – who are young and play hard, the Orioles have 15 games against “first place” caliber teams.

That’s right, series’ against the Yankees, Rays, Red Sox, Angels and White Sox will make April a very crucial month for an Orioles team that needs to “tread water.”  Frankly, I don’t see happening.  It’s no knock against the Birds ….. it’s a helluva tough schedule.

Given the power potential of the lineups of the above mentioned teams, I certainly foresee Dave Trembley bringing 13 pitchers north, after April Fools Day.  Look for a cache’ of middle relief help – they’re gonna need it.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen the Orioles TEASE us with strong starts and a sense of renewed hope, as April turns the page to the month of May.  I don’t see it happening in 2009.  In fact, I could see the team struggling to win a handful of games, during the season’s first month.

Perhaps, we’ll see just how resilient this bunch is ….. compared to the previous “Millar-like” rosters.  Hey, it might be a good thing – to get the slump or swoon outta the way early in the season, as compared to previous campaigns, when it happened in July and August.

I’m not suggesting the Orioles can’t endure a horrible stretch in April and July.  In fact, they’ll probably do just that.  But, if said slump does occur in April, there’s no “playing out the string” over the final 140 games ….. or is there ????

If Dave Trembley has any magic in his hat, he might be forced to use it early ….. just like his bullpen.  Welcome to the 2009 season …..