Spare Change: Inaugural Blog

March 25, 2010 |

Thank you all for stopping in to read my new blog concept that I’m calling “Spare Change”.  For months now I have made it a challenge of mine to post a daily blog, however with all that goes in my 24 hour day, typically I’m thinking about how I yet again forgot to write my blog as my head hits the pillow, something that I sure you all can relate to in one way or another.

Therefore today begins my mission and I encourage all of you to help me stay motivated with my new challenge by leaving comments to what I post.  The name “Spare Change” came to me this past weekend as the weather was gorgeous in Baltimore.  You see I live in Fells Point and in addition to the hundreds of people in the neighborhood eating, drinking, and sightseeing in the streets, the nice weather brought out dozens of extra pan handlers trying to capitalize on the increased foot traffic.  So what is the question that I was asked several times while walking my dog? 

“Can you spare some change?”

So with that said I have begun my daily blog I’m calling “Spare Change”.  For you the readers and listeners of my show I call  “Section 410”, I have all the spare change you can ask for!  As for the dude I’ve never seen before in my neighborhood , while smoking his cigg?  Probably not. 

And with that….we’re off…..

Tonight we get back to the excitement of the NCAA Tournament and by the time Sunday evening is here, we’ll be down to the Final Four.  How many of you guys still have your Final Four alive?  Do you have three teams?  Two teams?  Clearly Kansas losing to Northern Iowa in the 2nd round screwed up most people plans of “finally winning the office pool” as many of you initially thought when you filled out your “winner” after all that time you spent researching the teams in the field.  Even if it didn’t go according to plan for you, lets take a quick look at what to expect tonight.

#1 Syracuse (-6) vs. #5 Butler:  The big news is that the Oranges big man Arinze Onuaku will miss his third straight tournament game.  So far it hasn’t effected them as they’ve won their first two games by an average of 22.5 points per,  but the Bulldogs are no cake walk.  On Butler’s road to being sweet  they’ve beaten two very tough opponents.  Maybe UTEP and Murray State aren’t the biggest basketball schools in the country, but they were both worthy tounry invites.  I expect this game to be tight initially, but believe that the Orange will pull away in the 2nd half.  Even with Onuaku out of the game, the Bulldogs can’t hit the glass the way the Orange can and “one and done’s” for Butler will be a tough obstacle to over come.

#2 West Virginia (-4.5) vs. #11 Washington:  The Huskies are clearly one of the nation’s hottest teams winning nine games in a row including knocking off Marquette andNew Mexico, while the Mountaineers just found out they’ll be without their starting point guard the rest of the way.  Smell an upset?  I do!  I don’t think WVU can withstand losing their floor general this late into the season and recover, especially not with a Husky team that can really bring it, watch out for Quincy Pondexter andIsaiah Thomas, both kids can really ball.

#2 Kansas State (-4.5) vs. #6 Xavier:  This is my favorite game of the evening.  The Musketeers beat off a very hot Minnesota team, as well as a tough Pitt squad en route to earning a Sweet 16 bid.  So what does that get the “X-men”?  Only the KSU Wildcats and arguably one of the nation’s toughest back court duos.  Jacob Pullen and Denis Clemente are excellent guards and fierycoach Frank Martin has his team playing some excellent ball.  With Kansas ousted, this could be the ‘cats year.  Keep an eye on Xavier’s Jordan Crawford, the younger brother of the Atlanta Hawks Jamal Crawford.  This is the kid that dunked on LeBron James in a summer camp sponsored by Nike.  Remember how Nike then confiscated the tape?

#1 Kentucky (-8.5) vs. #12 Cornell: Get your Red Bull ready because this one’s gonna endVERY late (approx 9:57 pm tip), but it’ll be worth it to see the Big Red from the Ivy League compete with John Calipari’s Kentucky Wildcats.  I’ll be pulling for Cornell to further screw up every-one’s brackets, but I just don’t think it will happen.  No other team in the tournament has four potential top 20 prospects in the 2010 NBA draft.  John Wall gets the fame, but DeMarcus Cousins, Patrick Patterson, and Eric Bledsoe are all very special players.  If Cornell has a shot, they must keep this a very slow and ugly game in order to out smart their opponents, something they could easily do (Calipari’s the coach, c’mon!).  It’s been a good run for the Big Red, but the Wildcats are simply too talented in this matchup andadvance to the weekend.

In hockey news, the Caps beat the Pens 4-3 in an overtime shoot out, in what was another classic matchup of what’s clearly the best two teams in the NHL.  The Caps have swept the season series with Pens, but we all know none of that will matter in a few weeks once the playoffs begin.  The good news for the Capitals has been the emergence of Jose Theodore between the pipes.  Theodore has slammed the door shut on being the #1 goaltender heading into the playoffs with his stellar 17-2 record in his last 19 games played.  The Caps are a well oiled machine, one that I’m very excited to see in person next Tuesday on WNST’s Puck Bus to the Verizon Center.

Staying in our Nation’s capital, the Washington Wizards lost their 13th in a row last night to the Pacers, matching their franchise’s low.  Things are getting ugly in DC (if at all possible) as head coach Flip Saunders and the new face of the team, Andray Blatche are having a “he said, she said” moment.  The fact is the Wizards might not win another game this season andfrustrations are mounting.  Things can’t get that much worse for the Wizards, well that is until they find out the sentencing regarding Gilbert Arenas’ gun drama , where the prosecution is seeking 90 days in jail.  At least the Wizards can watch what’s left of the college basketball season and hope that they get lucky in the draft lottery.

Finally, I think Tiger Woods has found a new best friend.  No longer is Tiger “the most hated male in America” according to housewives everywhere.  Nope, the new title has been thrust upon Jesse James, the head of West Coast Choppers and estranged husband of Sandra Bullock, excuse me…Academy Award Winning Actress Sandra Bullock.  The mistress count is on the rise and Jesse is coming out looking like a guy that loves girls covered in tattoos and piercings, something that is the polar opposite of whom he married (maybe Sandra’s are hidden?).  Just like with Woods, this one is getting better by the day as more and more women say they too have slept with the biker mogul.

That’s about all I’ve got for today, however I am excited to learn that we’ll (WNST) be having a party at Jimmy’s Famous Seafood on April 6th to celebrate the beginning of baseball season and the O’s first game. 

Leave me a line or two and let me know what you think…