Spare Change

March 26, 2010 |

What an exciting evening of sports we were treated to last night!  Between the double overtime game between the Kansas State Wildcats and Xavier Musketeers and the Capitals going down in a shoot out to the Hurricanes, last night was full of thrills.

I was surprised, but definitely not shocked to watch the Butler Bulldogs knock off the Orange last night.  The Bulldogs got creamed on the boards as I expected, but the Orange just kept turning the ball over to keep Butler going.  The Orange managed a four point lead with about four minutes to go and I thought the fat lady was getting ready, but the Orange crumbled down the stretch and the Bulldogs are one step closer to heading back to Indiana as a Final Four team.

Both West Virginia and Kentucky had early scares in their games, but both schools rallied and won with relative ease.  I thought the Big Red could pull the impossible as they jumped out to a quick lead and had the support of the crowd, but in the end Kentucky was to much for Cornell and rolled on to victory.

On paper we should be in for another fun filled night with the games on tap tonight.

#2 Ohio State (-4.5) v. #6 Tennessee:  We’re coming out the gates firing with this one.  Tennessee is such a difficult team to read.  They managed to hang around the top 15 in the polls all season long, yet never seem to put it together when it really counts.  The word is out that the Buckeyes don’t handle the ball extremely well and I expect Bruce Pearl to go full court press from the jump.  If Ohio State can break the press some what efficiently they should advance past the Volunteer’s and play on Sunday.  OSU’s Evan Turner is as good as it gets in college ball today.  If the game is close near the end, Turner has that “killer instinct” to lead his team to victory.  Go Bucks!

#2 Baylor (-4.5) v. #10 St. Mary’s:  This is my play of the day!  It’s been a great run to the Sweet 16 for the Gaels, but Baylor is going to work them tonight.  Omar Samhan has been stellar for the Gaels, but they haven’t faced a team with as much size and length as Baylor.  With an NBA size roster and plenty of depth on the bench, I expect Baylor to advance.  Tweety Carter, LaceDarius Dunn, Ekpe Udoh, Josh Lomers, and Co. will be a load for any opponent they’ll face the rest of the way.

#5 Michigan State (-1) v. #9 Northern Iowa:  Everybody now knows who Ali Farokhmanesh is?  The school from nowhere grabbed nation attention after they single handily ruined 70% of America’s brackets.  The Spartans will be short handed after losing Kalin Lucas to injury, but head coach Tom Izzo is a great scheme’er and should have Sparty’s Boys ready to go with a few days to prepare for their opponent.  I’m pulling for the Panthers tonight, but I think the broad shoulders of Raymar Morgan will be to much as Sparty moves on.

#1 Duke (-8.5) v. #4 Purdue:  If Robbie Hummel was still healthy this would be one heck of a game, but if they had Hummel healthy the Boilermakers wouldn’t have been a #4 seed.  I think the lack of a true point guard will be the death of Purdue tonight as Duke will have no problems with Purdue’s size and aggressiveness.  Duke’s region was a joke from the release of the field, but maybe an Elite 8 appearance is as far as they’ll get…we can hope!

The NFL Draft is less than a month away now and we’re getting  clearer picture of which players will be chillin’ in the “green room” waiting to hear their names called.  So far there are eight players confirmed for the evening in NYC: Ndamukong Suh, Gerald McCoy, Eric Berry, Russell Okung, Derrick Morgan, Dan Williams, and Jared Odrick all have sent their RSVP’s while some other invitees include Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Jimmy Claussen, and Colt McCoy.

I can’t imagine that Tim Tebow would accept the invitation, considering nobody knows what round he will be drafted in.  I felt bad for Brady Quinn several years ago as he slipped into the twenties, but Tebow could last until the third round!  There would be a very good chance that he shows up on Thursday night for the first round and leaves without a home.  Would he then come back on Friday night for the second and third round?  I know the kid tries hard and seems like a great person (Tim and I wouldn’t be friends or anything, but he’s got a solid head on his shoulders), but there’s no way he can agree to this.  Stay away Tim, stay away!

Sticking with the NFL it seems that the Eagles are finally willing to talk about moving one of their quarterbacks.  Donavan McNabb has expressed interest in Minnesota and how could you blame them?  Whether it’s Farve or somebody else, the Vikings are a solid veteran QB away from being right back where they finished this past season…on the brink of a Super Bowl appearance. 

The Eagles have made it clear they want at least a top 42 pick in the draft.  Top 42?  Such an odd number to choose.  Personally I like, it was my baseball uniform number for years, but why a top 42 pick?  Maybe Andy Reid has only completed his top 42 players on his draft board?  I’m not sure where the number came from, but I can’t imagine the Eagles keeping McNabb, Vick, and Kolb.  Another destination for McNabb could be the 49ers.  They have two first round picks and clearly McNabb is much better than Alex Smith, plus you could argue that the Niners are only a QB away from making a run too.

Good news finally came from the Washington Wizards as the sale of the team was announced earlier.  Ted Leonsis is now the proud owner of the Verizon Center, the Washington Capitals, the Washington Wizards, the Washington Mystics, and the 220 nights of entertainment at the VC.  Hopefully Leonsis can resurrect the Wizards in time as he did with the Capitals.  It wasn’t that long ago that the Caps were a cellar dweller in the NHL and Ted turned that franchise around in a relative short period of time.  Obviously the rebuilding for the Caps was accelerated when they drafted Alexander Ovechkin, but the Wizards should have a good draft pick themselves (depending on the lottery) and could end up with a “franchise player” like John Wall or Evan Turner.  I’m hoping that Ted can work his magic once agin in DC with the Wiards too!

Gilbert Arenas and his lawyers met with the court today at 2:30Pm to determine his sentencing for not having a liscense for his handguns, however currently there’s no word on the verdict.

In baseball news the Cubs found out that Derek Lee injured himself while eating in a chair.  What?  True story, Lee hurt his back after the chair he was sitting in collapsed and will force the slugger to get extra treatment for his ailing back, but Lee is not supposed to miss much time after the freak accident.  So the lesson from this story is?  Obviously chairs are dangerous and should be outlawed in the Cubs locker room.  You wanna eat now Carlos Zambrano?  Grab some carpet!

Shockingly it appears that the prosecutors in the Ben Roethlisberger case in Georgia will not have the survalance tape from the club the night of the alleged incident involving Big Ben.  Mysteriously the tapes from that night were mistakenly “taped over” and no longer exist.  That will make it hard for them to stick anything to Roethlisberger, especially since he had one of his bodyguards standing as a watchmen at the bathroom door, allowing Ben to “talk” to this college girl he fed free drinks to throughout the night.

I sure hope that Goodell doesn’t back away from disciplining Roethlisberger for this one.  Two sexual misconduct crimes against Ben in less than twelve months must get the commissioner’s attention.  Goodellhas suspended others for far less than this.

Speaking off the commissioner, what do you all think about the new rules the NFL has created?