sports amnesia

April 14, 2009 |

My brother gave me some great advice about life that I would like to relate to our Oriole fandom. He said, “Live in the now.” He told me that because I was boo-hooing something that had happened in the past.
We are drawn to the game of baseball because of the history and memories. The Orioles have a proud past. The last eleven have been tough to say the least. What I’m trying to do as a fan is forget those last ten. Call it baseball amnesia.
The Orioles of ’08 and ’09 are looking like a team moving in the right direction. The young position players give me hope. Brian Roberts will more than likely finish his career an Oriole. It’s been a long time since that’s happened. The contracts of Mora and Huff are done this year. Maybe they will be trade bait later in the year. Remember, we got Mora in a rent a player trade with the Mets for Mike Bordick. That was a good move for the Orioles. Now maybe we can get something for Mora at the end of his career. If he puts up the numbers he did last year, it’s possible.
As for the young arms, at least we have a lot of them. By sheer numbers alone, a couple of them should work out. If three or more make it, the staff could be strong for a long time.
Keep looking ahead while focusing on the present. History, good or bad, is unchangeable. The future is coming always.