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April 22, 2008 |

Oxymoron: women drivers, but seriously congrats to Ms Patrick for winning a race. I love and support women sports the only winning team in the area is the DC Divas winning 32 games in a row, wow! Check them out. I know Baltimore can’t buy a winner, but it could be worse. Let me explain. Oxymoron: winning teams in washington. The Wizards are a joke, sure they make the playoffs and will be sent home by the Cavs, again. Rumor has it that Mr. Zorn has contacted Steve Largent for a return from retirement so the deadskins can have a #1 receiver. The Capitals have a great player with Alex O, who woke up to tie the series, but a little to late Flyers in 7. Nationals are a joke, the only reason that Peter the Great allowed them to have a team in DC is to deflect the negative attention away from the minor league team he allows to be on the field year in and out. Somebody wake up Earl Weaver they need help. How about the Houston Rockets, winning 22 straight during the season getting home court advantage and letting the Jazz win 2 straight and going to Utah, who has the leagues best home record. Can you say sweep? Could be worse you could be a Ravens fan…….

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