Spring Training 2009, Day 3 (Goin’ to the dogs…)

February 18, 2009 | Drew Forrester

Will someone explain to me once again why I don’t live down here?

I left the window open last night in my hotel room and fell asleep to a warm, whispering breeze.  At some point, I swore I heard a knock on my door.  I yelled out, “Who’s there?”.  No one answered.  Must have been a member of the O’s PR staff doing bedcheck and got my room confused with Chris Ray’s. When they heard my voice, they did what the always do.  They turned and walked away without saying anything.

It’s getting to be fun down here.  Lots of unbridled enthusiasm for the ’09 team.  Pitchers are pitching, catchers are catching and Brian Roberts was seen earlier today on the Causeway between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami…driving a Brinks truck.  Dave Trembley is even in a good mood.  Then again, he hasn’t had to wear the MASN headset yet during a “Wired Wednesday” segment when one of the announcers blurts out, “Tremby…you guys are down 9-1 after four innings…but they haven’t scored since the bottom of the 2nd, so it looks like you have things straightened out, huh?”

All in all, Day 3 was my best day yet except for one small lunchtime incident.  I’ll get to that in a few.

Funny story: We were watching the players go through their paces and a few of the veterans straggled in with half-smiles on their respective faces.  Marty Cordova came by and asked if anyone had a 20% discount card to “Tan Me, Don’t Burn Me”.  By the looks of it, Dave Ginsburg of the AP has a monthly membership.  Then again, when you’ve been somewhere for 25 years like “Gins”, there ARE perks that go along with tenure.

Steve Melewski of the Orioles MASN.com strolled by a little while ago.  He doesn’t like me.  I’m not really sure why…I’ve always been kind to him.  I went to shake his hand and he quickly took out a rubber glove and put it on — then gave me the luke-warm, I’ll-shake-it-but-I-don’t-want-to offering.  Maybe he thought I had a cold.

At lunchtime today, the O’s rolled out a spread for the media and I quickly hopped in line.  Roch strolled in (the dude has big friggin’ arms…I can’t help but wonder…??), followed by Schmucker and Zrebiec and Ginsburg and the Japanese reporter who said I was “Big Problem Baltimore” on Monday.  Finally, I got to the front of the line and just as I was about to grab a plate and grab some grub, a security guard stopped me. 

“Can I see your credential?” he asked.

There’s a wise-guy in every crowd, eh?

I’ve organized a trip to the Hollywood Greyhound Park for tonight.  I told all the media gang about it.  I’m not sure how many guys are going.  If Steve Davis was around, he’d go with me for sure.  I gave him a quick lesson at the driving range last September and he still owes me $50 for it.  Wait, I’m an amateur, I can’t take any money for lessons.  Strike that.  Never mind, Steve, that one was on the house.

I love “the dogs”.  I’ve already gone on-line and accessed the racing chart for this evening’s festivities.  Here’s who I’m taking.

Race #1 –  #4, Treated Unfairly ($2 – win, place and show)

Race #2 –  #3, Andy Avoids Me and #7, Credentialless ($5 quinella)

Race #3 –  #3, Whycantyouguysreturnmycall ($10 win)

Race #4 –  #1, Only one listener and #9, CharlatansOPACY ($5 quinella)

Race #5 –  #4, Makemeparkintimbuktu – #6, Restraint of Trade – #8, Unprofessional ($2 trifecta box…costs me $18 total)

Race #6 –  #7, MLBknowsandtheydontcare and #1 Ilovebeingtreatedlikethisitremindsmeofbeinginelementaryschool ($25 quinella)

Wish me luck…

I hear it’s rainy/sleety/snowy up there in Bawlmer.

Too bad.

Lovin’ it in FLA,