Starting a High School Hall of Fame

March 20, 2008 |

This past January I went to Manny’s (a local Dundalk watering hole) for an annual get together of old friends. As the evening passed and the drinks flowed the topic of there not being a Sports Hall of Fame at Patapsco High School arose.

I was curious why Patapsco had not had a HOF, so began some research on the topic. I later found out that there were a few attempts to start one but nothing ever materialized. So I gathered together 9 others and formed a sports hall of fame for Patapsco. Then I realized why the other attempts never materialized!! The time and paperworl involved to make it a non-profit organization was unbelievable!! Not to mention where and how to find the money to keep it afloat.

I believe that all high schools should have a HOF. If they are created for the right reasons they can give back alot to that area. For example scholarship funds can be set up for the student-athletes.

Believe me it is not an easy as you would think it would be!! But in the long run just meeting and speaking to former alumni you have not seen in years is worth all the time and effort!!

If your high school or college does not have a hall of fame find out why not. Get a group together and create one!!