Statistics lie

November 10, 2007 | Keith Melchior

I used to get caught up in the "talking heads" observations about the NFL. I hear the so-called experts claim, "they can’t stop the run, they can’t stop the pass….blah blah blah…" So I used to actually put value on what THEY say, then we get disappointed when said team plays the Ravens and exactly the opposite happens. Not any more. Experts, schmexperts. They haven’t lived with the Ravens for the past 12 years like we have.

The Cincinnati Bengals are allegedly 28th in total defense and supposedly can’t stop the run or the pass. Based on that premise alone you’d think the Ravens would be able to walk all over them and win 37-3, but I sometimes wonder how the Ravens will score 37 points over the next 3 games, let alone tomorrow.

The Ravens have shown weaknesses on both sides of the ball this season, so it’s safe to say they can’t run or pass. No Ravens’ pass rush means Carson Palmer will throw the ball all over the field for 350 yards and 4 TDs. Our terrible offense will not adjust and take advantage of Cincinnati’s "swiss cheese" defense and the Ravens will probably lose 30-10. I sure hope not, but we’ve seen this act week in and week out against teams a lot less talented then the Bengals.

Before the season began we looked to the  3 games prior to the Patriots/Colts week as "winnable games."  Now they are MUST WIN games.

The only team that can stop the Ravens the next 3 weeks is the Ravens.