Steelers Out

January 06, 2008 | Ed Frankovic

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been eliminated from the playoffs after a spirited 4th quarter rally from 18 points down to lose, 31-29, to Jacksonville.

Steelers fans, players, and the media will likely criticize Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin for STILL going for the two point conversion early in the 4th quarter from the 12 yard line with the score 28-23 Jaguars (the Steelers were called for holding on the first two-point attempt backing them up 10 yards) . Had Pittsburgh kicked the extra point and made it then they would have been able to kick an extra point on their last touchdown that would have put them up 31-28. Instead they were only up 29-28 and couldn’t hold on at the end.

The Steelers also had a chance to get a first down with just over two minutes left but on a 3rd and 5 situation tried to have Ben Roethlisberger run for the first down on a designed play. That play call will be heavily scrutinized in Pittsburgh all next week.

What really hurt the Steelers the most was the awful play of Big Ben in the first half when he threw 3 INTs. Roethlisberger got in a groove in the 2nd half but the first half mistakes, bad touchdown conversion decisions, and inability to stop the Jaguars late all combined to end Pittsburgh’s season.