Steelers visit N.H. Should we care?

March 30, 2010 | Dwayne Showalter

Should we care?  I don’t.

I have been going to Ravens games since day 1.  I roar approval when the Ravens win and the Steelers lose, almost equally.  I went to North Harford High School.  I still live in the school district.

I don’t think it was the coolest thing for sure.  Like Drew says, they could have done something else to raise money.  But like a lot of these type situations, no one cares until the deed is done.  Where was everyone last week?  Its not like the event wasn’t advertised.  I wish I had gone in a way.  I would have caused a scene.  But I just didn’t care.

Shoot, the Steelers team visited Kennard-Dale High School in Fawn Grove, PA….a mere 6 miles from North Harford….two days earlier.  No one said jack.  Its friggin’ 6 miles away!  People that close to each other talk a lot – and it probably became a no-brainer since the team was already in the area.

No one really cares, except people trying to get ratings maybe.  Certainly the administrators and good folks in the North Harford area didn’t care that much or they would have spoke up.  To deny that Steelers fans live all over this area, city, state, country and whole world for that matter, would be plain silly.  Some of my dumbest friends are Steelers fans.

To think an inordinate amount of people in Northern Harford County pull for the Steelers over the Ravens is just as silly.  The Rec football program in Jarrettsville (which feeds N.H.) just changed its program name from Hawks to the Ravens.  Its the Edgewood program that has had the Steelers emblem on the helmet for decades.  Bel Air was the Redskins up until recently changing.

Where is the outcry there?  There is none.  Because its all about the kids enjoying a sport of football.  And that takes money.  And as usual, its the adults that screw it all up.