Steelers Week

September 05, 2011 | Paul Hoke

I realllllly hate this team.

I hate their players.  I hate their fans.  I hate their city.  I hate their stadium.  I hate their colors.  I hate their stupid towels.  I hate the free pass they seem to get.  I hate their history.  Everything about the Pittsburgh Steelers, I hate.

But the one thing I hate beyond anything else???  I hate that when #7 lines up for these idiots under center…they own my team.

No reason to run from it.  No reason to hide from it.  The fact that our beloved Baltimore Ravens haven’t won a game against Ben Rottenberger since 2006, sticks in my crawl.  And I didn’t even know I had a “crawl.”  But I do, and I hate the fact that ever since Steve McNair and Jamal Lewis led the Ravens to a 31-7 win in Heinz Field way back in 2006, we have not beaten these clowns in a game that mattered when Rottenberger was playing.  Two of our past three seasons have ended in that rat-filled city on the Allegheny River with disappointing playoff losses.  Games that we could have won.  And, like last January’s playoff loss, games that we should have won.  So as much as I hate the Steelers, the same way that I hate the Yankees, Flyers, and Penguins, what I hate most is that recently, my team just can’t seem to beat them when it matters.  It eats away at me, it kills me…..

But now, we get to do it all over again.

This coming Sunday, at 1pm, we get the chance to do it all over again.  It’s Steelers Week here in Charm City, and I’m ready for a good, old fashioned Baltimore ass-whipping.  It’s kind of fitting that we kick off the 2011 NFL season basically where we left off in 2010.  Staring across the line of scrimmage at these black and gold idiots.  First week of the new season, a chance to exorcise the ghosts of seasons past.  A chance, right off the bat, in our stadium, in our city, to get a leg up in the division.  And in the process, beat Rottenberger in a game that matters for the first time since my middle schooler was in the first grade.  That’s right.  We NEED this game.  I have never bought into the notion that there are any “must win” games in Week 1 of the NFL season.  But this one is.  The Ravens MUST WIN this Sunday against Pittsburgh.

Think about what a win would do for this team, for this fan base moving forward.  It would rid us of the psychological “monkey on our back” of not being able to beat the Steelers when Ben is in.  And for those that don’t think that really exists, ask the Ravens’ players about it.  They know it.  They feel it.  No matter what this team has done over the past 5 years, no matter how much talent they have had, they have yet to beat a Rottenberger-led team.  But a win on Sunday erases all of that.  It doesn’t heal the wounds of last January’s second half meltdown, or the 2009 AFC Championship Game, but it makes the statement that in 2011, it’s us, and not the Steelers, who control the fate of the AFC North.  The road to the division title, and maybe even the AFC, would go through Baltimore, instead of Pittsburgh.  Think about the weight that would be lifted off of the shoulders of our Purple Birds.  It would be akin to Steve Young finally winning a Super Bowl for the 49ers without Joe Montana.  It would allow our guys to look at Pittsburgh in a whole different light.

A win this Sunday would give the Ravens the benefit of going into Pittsburgh on November 6th at 8:20 at night, and saying, “we beat you once already, we’re gonna do it again.”  That’s huge.

All of this is of course what comes along with Steelers Week.  The fact that it’s happening the first week of the season, for the first time since Kyle Boller’s rookie 2003 season, doesn’t make this game any less important.  This is a VERY important game.  As I stated before, it’s as much of a must win as any Week 1 game can be.

And as a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, who also despises everything Pittsburgh, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Come on boys, let’s beat these idiots!!!

Go Ravens!!!!!!