Steelers/Pitt Choke At Home Within 24 Hours: Yes Virginia There is a Santa Clause

December 07, 2009 | Marty Mossa

     Well, well, well, where can I start?  Oh I guess I’ll start with this past Saturday afternoon.  That was when the Pittsburgh faithful, I mean those obnoxious sewer rats thought that their beloved Panthers would win.  Like every other Pittsburgh team, the Panthers scored a touch down with about 2 minutes left in their game against Cincinnati.  All was good.  All was good that is until the Panthers blew the extra point.  With Pitt up by six with little time left, Cincinnati went to work.

     Cincy went down the field and won the game with little time left.  It was unusual to see a Pittsburgh based team lose in that fashion, especially at home.  But it was none the less very special.  Whenever a Pittsburgh team loses, that means that many people from that sewer on the river are sad.

     That Pitt Panther’s game was minor compared to what happened twenty four hours after the college game.  Yesterday the Oakland Raiders came into “Steel” town a prohibited underdog.  Nobody in their right mind would have given the Raiders a chance to win.  The Raiders scored a TD with little time left on the clock to give them a three point lead.  But Ben Rothersburger and company went to work.  It’s the same script every time.  “Big” Ben drove them down the field.  Hines Ward caught a 10 touch down pass.  Ward clearly grabbed the facemast of the corner.  It was clearly offensive pass interference.  But we’re talking about the Steelers. They get all the calls.  The Steelers went up by 4 with about 1:30 left.

     The Raiders marched down the field and scored with about 10-15 seconds left.  My household erupted into a cheer like it was New Year’s Eve.  We hate the Steelers, we dislike their arrogant fans, we dislike how the league always seems to look out for them, and how the Zebras always seem to favor them.

     The Steelers are 6-6.  They are not out of the playoff hunt by a long shot.  Maybe they’ll make the playoffs, maybe repeat as champions.  But for this one moment, it was a total delight to see those obnoxious Panther and toilet towel Steeler fans crying in their beer.  Both their college and professional football teams choked at home within a twenty four hour period.  LIFE IS GOOD!!!!!

95-93-1 Against the spread