Step Down Off the Ledge Raven Fans; It’s Ok

January 22, 2012 | Marty Mossa

Believe me when I tell you, I was ready to go out and look for the nearest bridge to jump off of around 6pm Sunday night. After Billy Cundif missed what should have been a chip shot to force overtime in the AFC Championship game; I was on suicide watch. But we must first put this whole thing into perspective.

From a football sense, the Baltimore football faithful have been very fortunate. We could live in Detroit (no super bowl appearances, one NFC championship appearance), or Cleveland (no superbowl appearances, last AFC title game 22 years ago), or San Diego (no world championships to speak of). Think of it, the Baltimore Ravens have made the playoffs eight of sixteen seasons, been to three AFC title games, and won one super bowl. We’ve been fortunate and spoiled as fans.

Now I won’t lie, today’s game was disappointing. I hope that Joe Flacco’s performance (22/36, 306 YDS, 2 TD, 1 INT) will put to rest from all the a..holes in the national media that he’s a bad QB. If Lee Evans makes the catch at the end of the game, we win and go to Indy. Flacco out gunned God himself the most reverent Tom Brady (22/36, 239 YDS, 2 INT).

The sun will come out tomorrow football fans. But let’s put this whole thing into perspective. A girl my 15 year old went to school with has cancer and is need of a bone marrow transplant. My friend who I knew from first grade called me yesterday and told me that his cancer has spread and he’s going on home hospice. That’s real life. What happened on the field is a game and is not real life. As bad as we all feel as Ravens fans, let’s remember that it’s just a game that has no real bearing on our lives.

In regards to the Super Bowl, I’ll watch it as a football fan. I have no real favorite, so I’ll hope for the first overtime game. In regards to the Harbaugh brothers, well special teams weren’t too good to them today.

7-3 against the spread in the playoffs. The Pats are an early 3.5 points favorite in SB XVIL.